Baby Nursery Of The Future Shows You How To Raise Futuristic Babies

This one day event from last week: baby stuff maker Similac pulled a bunch of innovative existing products together with some conceptual ones to create a Nursery of the Future show.

The event, held in a tent on Columbus Circle in New York last Wednesday,and showcased some clever existing products for baby, like Scott Henderson’s “Mate” table setting for Skip Hop, and a leak-proof sippy cup from Thermos.

It also tapped several designers and consultancies to come up with their own infant-oriented conceptual projects, with concepts from some relative newcomers, along with heavy hitters like SF’s Lunar Design and Boston’s Altitude. Concept images after the jump. Please check here for the full story. This article should give you ideas on how to get the baby nursery going into the future, right..I like the clean lines and the fact that alot of the furniture is re-usable as something else as the child gets older. I think this is not only green, but pretty creative too. What do you think…?