Applying the Finish to Your Cedar Fence

Cedar fencing can provide an aesthetic, beautiful and durable solution to your fencing needs. Cedar, for instance Western Red Cedar, is an extremely weather resistant and durable material, with a long and successful history of use in the construction industry. The robust properties of cedar can be used to construct a sturdy and durable cedar fence.

A cedar fence can undergo wear and tear in the form of graying. Regular care of your cedar fence can help prevent your fence from graying.

Some of the finishes that can be applied to a cedar fence to increase its strength and durability are not natural products. Some of the best finishes to a cedar fence are oil-based. You have the choice of going with purely natural products for applying a finish to your cedar fence, or using synthetic preservatives.

Things you will need to apply finish to a cedar fence are wood finish, a paintbrush, bleach, a bucket and a scrub brush.

Cedar fence can be applied a finish in a variety of ways. The most common ways of applying a finish are rolling, spraying and brushing. When painting cedar, a good water repellent must be sprayed first, allowing plenty of time for it to dry. Then you should apply a primer coat before you spray a final coat of actual paint. You can then use a natural finish like a water repellent. Keep in mind, though, that it will need to be reapplied every year or two depending on the wood and the exposure to the natural elements.

Maintaining your finish is simple if you clean the dirt and any mildew off the wood from time to time. You should make sure to use a mildew remover on mildew. Stains on your cedar fence can be caused by being exposed to excess moisture or using the wrong fasteners like iron fasteners which rust. Avoid this situation by using only stainless steel fasteners. Fences have full exposure to the elements, so to make your fence more durable and effective, make sure you use the right materials.

Apply a water-repellent paint to your cedar fencing once every year or two. Products suitable to treat cedar are available at your local home improvement store like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Make the necessary effort to preserve your cedar fence by choosing a transparent stain that will preserve the beauty of your cedar fence and protect it by preventing water from seeping into the wood.

It is important to prevent mildew growth on your fence so as to prevent graying. Mildew often appears on cedar fences and has the affect of turning the wood gray. A little care and attention and the right maintenance schedule can help prevent your cedar fence from graying.

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