Airplane Bedding For A High Flying Bedroom

If you have a child that digs planes, and you want to decorate his bedroom with something he’ll just fall in love with this beautiful, colorful bedding for boys, the Aviators Percale Airplane Bedding Set, that features old-fashioned biplanes in yellow blue and red, doing stunts on a crisp white background.
These sheets are made with a very respectable 200 thread count cotton percale that is 100% cotton and easy care machine washable for the busy moms of today. And if you’ve bought kids bedding in the past, you’ll probably notice that the 200 thread count is really a bit higher than what is normally offered for children’s bedding.

When I was a kid, our bedding was a bit more on the economical side, shall I say…?  And after a few months you could actually see through the middle of the sheet if you held it up to the light. Back then, no one really cared so much about thread counts as far as I remember, and you sort of just bought whatever the local department store had on offer — usually at a white sale when things were marked down.

But today, your kids have the luxury of these extra durable sheets pillowcases and even comforter covers made of such quality high thread cotton.

This particular airplane bedding set comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, a standard size pillowcase and a comforter cover featuring the multicolored biplanes that are really too cool. You can choose from twin full or queen sizes,which is also pretty unusual for childs bedding. Normally you’re pretty much only given the choice of twin size, maybe full if you’re lucky. As an extra optional feature you can get all of these items monogrammed for your favorite boy.

If you really wanted to give him a treat and add even more of an aviator touch to his bedroom, you could put toy model planes on shelves or on his nightstand, or even hang some small toy planes from fishing line from the ceiling. Maybe get some colorful posters with stunt planes and frame them for him.

Add a few plush pillows in the matching colors of yellow red or blue.  You could even add an area rug so that he can play with his toys on it comfortably.  If your child is old enough to help decorate his room why not let him…?  It’ll be a lot of fun for both of you. And it’ll be something he’ll remember for a long time to come.