4D Concepts Folding Wall Table

Folding Wall Table by 4D Concepts. An awesome space – saving table that comes up BIG in a tight spot! Squeezed into that studio apartment with no room for the luxuries in life like, say… a table? Well, the clever design of this space-saving solid pine Table Top allows you to set a table for two, and then fold it down flat against the wall when the meal’s over so you don’t have a cumbersome table taking up space and cramping your style! Mounts easily on the wall and comes ready to assemble. Measures 31 1/2 d. x 2311/16 w. x 16 1/8″ h. Weighs 13 lbs. A must-have for tight living quarters! Order your Folding Wall Table today! 4D Concepts Folding Wall Table.