Your Baby Nursery Theme

Getting the nursery ready for the big day, Essential Tips for baby nursery themes

Your nursery is a special place to raise a new born; it is also one of the most fun rooms to design. As a new parent you spend your precious time here with your growing baby, so here are simple tips to help you get your Baby Nursery Theme just right.

Measure your room size – a simple tip but always overlooked, jot this down on paper so you know the size of the room, this will help you when you’re looking for furniture. Furniture in the store is always smaller.

Shape the room with furniture – design the room around the furniture, start with the essentials first, the crib, rocker and changing table. See how these will look in the room and if you have space left look at adding extra nursery theme pieces like an armoire, dresser, bookshelf and other luxuries.

Adding the color – Here you can really let go, to create that perfect environment for your baby. Think about basing colors around baby bedding, focal objects and themed furniture. Bright colors, pastels and neutrals work well with in a nursery.

Base the room around a theme – you may wish to spread the essence of a theme within the room, themed rooms give a focus and direction to turn to; ideas for a nursery can be seen here Baby Room Designs to give you inspiration and advice.

Think ahead – At first your room will be used for eating and sleeping, soon your baby will be crawling and walking, plan for this in your nursery design making a room that will grow with your child.

Make the room personal – Allow space to add baby’s personals in the room. Have a place were you can keep pictures, shoes and cherished baby presents, this will make the nursery feel special and unique.