Wool comforters: many reasons why they’re so popular

Wool comforters are sought after for their clean allergy-free warmth. Here’s some things to know about a wool comforter when shopping for them online.

Some benefits of wool made comforters:

•all organic, with no odor, dyes, toxins or chemicals. Great for those with severe sensitivities and allergies

•wool allows the body to breathe and still keeps you warm

•they use less fill than other comforters so the comforter will be lighter on your bed and on you

•most of the wool used is from lambs wool, alpaca and llama, with some famous wool being from the Netherlands

•wool is resistant to dust mites, mold and mildew for healthier sleep

•comforters made from wool will last for many years with proper care, can be passed down

•The best comforter out shells have thick 100% cotton, with higher thread counts of 250 to 300. This weave assures that the cover will be both soft and durable.

•Some companies offer a multi-year warranty with their comforters, be sure to check if this is important to you. Comforters made with wool are available in all of the standard bed sizes: twin double queen king

•Be aware that these comforters come in different weights will be appropriate for different climates and times of year. Some companies will list their fill according to overall ounces of fill, or according to how many ounces of fill there are per square foot.

While it may be almost impossible to find these types of woolen comforters locally, it’s fast and easy when you shop for them online. So let those fingers do the walking.