A wool blanket- not just for the Army anymore!

A chilly night under the warmth and coziness of a wool blanket. What could be better? These woolen blankets are essentials that people count on.

In today’s era of luxury living, a bedroom is not only a place for sleeping, but a retreat from the stresses of day-to-day life. Blankets made from wool combine both strength and softness and indulges you in feelings of safety, warmth and comfort.

As Gary Romanik, chief executive of Murtex explains, ‘Wool is specially engineered for high loft and support, and is also hypoallergenicā€¯.

Some of the best choices for these wool blankets anywhere are made of 100% natural virgin lambs wool. Supple and lavish to the touch, blankets made of wool are available in various weights, constructions, weaves, styles and designs.

They are a tough blanket and very difficult to tear up, because the wool fibers cross one another in a dense weave of sorts. These wool fibers naturally have a slight sort of waxy outer layer that insulate and tend to resist dirt, stains and moisture. So it’s a perfect choice for a blanket.

Enjoy their warmth and comfort while sleeping, or watching your favorite TV show. Carry them to outdoor picnics or stadiums because they are thick as a slice of a bread so you can stay warm anywhere. One blanket with many uses. These days you can pick more than just the olive drab or gray colors that we used to have.

Take your pick from multi-colored stripes or colorful patterns in different styles like woven, tufted or cellular. To top it all, blankets made of wool are easy to take care of and wash.

So no matter what style of blanket you’re looking for, when you do your shopping online, you’re sure to find something just right.