Winter Bedding Storage Tips

With the winter finally behind us, it is time to put that winter bedding away for yet another year. While flannel sheets and heavy comforters are perfect for those cold winter nights, most of us look forward to sleeping under light cotton sheets and lightweight throws.

With a little care and preparation, your winter bedding will be as fresh as a spring morning the next time you bring it out.

Be sure to give your winter bedding a proper cleaning before you put it away. While going to the laundromat is not the ideal way to spend an afternoon, it will save you loads of time when washing your winter bedding. Use one of the large-capacity washers to launder your blankets and comforters. If you have a good quality duvet, you may want to have it dry-cleaned to ensure that it is not damaged.

If you do decide to wash your duvet while you are at the laundromat, be sure to pay careful attention to the washing instructions. It would be an awful shame to ruin your expensive down duvet by ignoring the washing instructions. Contrary to popular ideas, a down duvet can be washed in a washing machine.

Just be sure to use a mild detergent, and throw a couple of tennis balls in the dryer with it. This will help distribute the down as it is being dried.

Be sure to use a mild detergent to preserve and extend the life of your bedding. As you are most likely aware, white sheets ought to be laundered separately. To keep your whites as white as can be, be sure to use oxygenated bleach. Chlorine bleach can be extremely harsh, and it tends to leave a residue that can be damaging to the material.

Flannel bedding ought to be washed and dried separately from your other bedding. Flannel sheets tend to leave a lot of lint in the dryer, and it can cause a real mess if you mix them with your other bedding. In our experience, we have found that the best way to dry flannel sheets is to hang them outside to air dry. This will help keep your bedding in good shape and ensure that you can enjoy them for many winters to come.