Wildlife bedding

Wildlife bedding brings an exotic touch right into your bedroom! A tropical or jungle theme-say, with a flowing water fountain makes sleeping on this bedding a soothing, relaxing and exotic experience. Of course, no wildlife will be harmed!

For a jungle theme bedroom, a great selection of bedding is available in patterns depicting wildlife either as skin patterns or pictures of the creatures.

From zebras, tigers and leopards to iguanas, snakes and frogs, wildlife patterns abound in bedding.

•If you’d like a more tropical décor, why not choose bedding with tropical birds or parrots? Birds mixed with palm fronds, greenery, and other tropic themes on your bedding will lend itself very well to the room where wildlife is the theme.

•How about bedding with elephants and a bedside table of a ceramic elephant topped by a glass circle? This idea is very unique and original wildlife bedding, but affordable as well.

•Coordinate with wildlife theme lamps, table, and steamer trunk and you have the perfect setting. If you really want to go all out, add a mosquito netting over the bed, covering the bed and all the bedding, for an even more jungle or wildlife touch.

•If you feel that carrying the wildlife theme through a full ensemble is too much of a good thing, choose a comforter, blanket or bedspread in a wildlife pattern and mix it with coordinating bedding of a solid color contained in the wildlife pattern. A zebra wildlife pattern looks great with black sheets. Grey is fabulous with elephant bedding options. You can purchase a wildlife theme bedding ensemble, or purchase the set separately. Either way, you can end up with a beautiful bedroom setting including bedding that is everything except boring!

•Mix and match for an even more unique bedding set. For the zebra example above, choose the wildlife pattern for the comforter, a black fitted sheet, grey for a top sheet and two pillow cases of grey and two of black. This will truly pull the wildlife theme together in the bedding.

•A bedside rug in a wildlife “skin” can also pull your bedding theme together. Choose a top quality acrylic “skin” rug for you bedside, shaped like the actual wildlife skin. No animals have to lose their lives, but the look will be authentic. Good quality bedding accessories such as these are readily available online these days at very reasonable prices- pretty wild!