Why Is Pilling A Bad Thing For Your Bed Linens

If you’re buying linens for your bed, you’ve no doubt heard the term ‘pilling’ and maybe you’ve wondered what it means. Well, over time your bed linen that’s used alot will naturally wear out there. What will make this happen even faster than you imagine is when you choose regular cotton sheets.

The thing is, the fibers in regular cotton tends to be a little bit shorter, and repeated washings will just begin to break down those little fibers. You may end up with what’s called pilling, where you have small balls of cotton all over the place. This is because the poor sheets get spun around and agitated in the washer and then baked in the dryer! You’d get tired too right…? lol

So how can you delay this breaking down and thinning of your bed linens?
Get the best type of cotton you can if it’s really important that your sheets last a good 5 or 10 years. Go with Supima or Egyptian cotton and be careful to read about what other fibers may be present. Look for 100% Egyptian or 100% Supima cotton.
The fibers in these bed sheets are much longer and stronger and flexible than regular run of the mill cotton.

Also remember to follow the care instructions for your bed linens, pillowcases and duvet covers. Heat from your dryer will hasten the breaking down. So keep the heat low and take everything out while still a tiny bit damp. Ideally, hang those sheets and all outside to dry. They’ll smell wonderful and last alot longer! Of course, this isn’t always possible!
One last note- to have a better chance at getting your bed linen to last, look for thread counts of say 180 to 220 or so. Anything too much lower than 180 and you’ll soon be looking through your sheets!

For more luxurious bed linens, look around for thread counts of between 220 and 400. You can of course, go much much higher than that. If budget isn’t a concern, then go for it! But if you’re trying to get the most value for the money in your bedding, then anything too much beyond 400 is not really necessary according to most expert opinions.