Why Good Bed Linens Are Not Cheap

You may have heard that the best way to ensure you get the best quality bed linen is to go by the thread count. Although this is an important factor, it’s by no means the only aspect to consider. Actually, one of the biggest mistakes people make when purchasing luxury bedding and linens is buying solely on thread count. Other things that need to be taken into consideration are the quality grade of fabrics used and the finishing process.

That said, if you know that the brand is reputable then it’s safe to go with the thread count. It’s often considered that 200 and above is where the good bed linens enter the luxury zone, but thread counts actually start as low as 80 and go up to 1,000. However, most stores stock a range of 150 to 400 but they should be able to accommodate anyone requiring a higher count.

It may be the case that you can find a thread count of say 400 that’s cheaper than a well know quality brand of just 200, but if the 200 uses quality grade fabrics, a better overall finishing process, and a low weave count, then it could well be a better choice than the higher count from the unknown brand.

Linen is one of the oldest fabrics made by man and pure linen fabric actually comes from the woody stem of the flax plant making it one of the strongest materials on the market. It was used as a cloth by the ancient Egyptians as far back as 7000 years, and although today flax is still grown in many areas of the World, top quality flax is primarily grown now in Western Europe.

With a long and deserved history behind it, luxury linen not only looks great but if feels fantastic too and let’s not forget that it lasts one heck of a lot longer than the cheaper alternatives. So when given the facts, it’s easy to see that quality bedding and linens are actually a better return on our investment in the long run.

Bed linens are not cheap and we can often get a bit or a shock when we first glance at the price tags on some items. However, having good linen can assist sound sleep, make your bedroom look better, and outlive numerous cheap linens, so it really is worth considering going for as much quality as your purse will allow. After all, we spend more time in the bedroom than any other place in the house period, so surely you’re worthy of that little extra luxury!

There is such a wide variety of linen options around these days and we the consumer really are spoilt for choices with all the different designs, colors, and styles available. This is a big change from the past when most homes opted for the conservative white. But if you go for quality then you will need to consider your options carefully as the your linen will most likely be with your for some years to come.