Whitney Design Blue 54-Inch Ironing-Board Replacement Pad and Cover

This WHITNEY DESIGN #2020 replacement ironing board pad and cover is designed as a one piece combined pad and cover to fit a standard 54″ ironing board. The cover is made from a 100% cotton canvas material coated with blue silicone. A 4mm cushioned fiber pad is sewn to the cover. The nose of the pad & cover is designed to fit the nose of the ironing board tightly. A sewn bungee cord binding not only simplifies the installation of the pad and cover, it holds it tightly to the top of the board. The ironing surface is stain and scorch resistant and features a 3 year guarantee against defects in workmanship.

Deluxe cushioned fiber pad for matte-free, resilient ironing surface. Cut full size to fit all 54′ ironing boards. Stain and scorch resistant coated covers. Bungee cord binding makes cover installation easy.