What’s the best way to wash pillows at home?

No doubt about it, after awhile and our pillows do need a good washing to keep them fresh healthy and clean. The rule of some is to do it about once a year. Your feather pillows will lose a little bit of the natural oils whenever you wash them like this and won’t be as fluffy so just be aware that.

You can either watch them by hand or in your wash machine (which is the easier option). You probably want to use hot water to kill the dust mites and bacteria and other allergens that may be lurking in there. Use a gentle liquid detergent like Woolite or something similar.

Either agitate by hand or go ahead and fire up the washing machine and put it through the rinse cycle several times.

You want to make sure that you get as much of the excess water out as possible, so try pressing the wet pillow between some towels, being careful not to twist and smash your feather/down pillow because you’ll break the feathers.

Now put your pillow in the dryer or if it’s nice hanging outside.You’ll want to periodically fluff it up manually as it dries so the still doesn’t clump and stick together. If you using your dryer, some people say to add tennis balls… not just one but five or six. I’ve never used this method but find that a clean pair of sneakers is heavy enough to do a nice fluffing job for that pillow.