What You Really Need To Know About Buying Pillow

Sometimes people overlook the humble pillow. It looks innocent enough there on the bed doesn’t it…?

With the right one under your head and neck, you’re sure to wake up fresh and ready to take on the world.

With the wrong pillow though, you’ll have neck aches like the ones I used to get where you can barely move your head from one side to the other without some pain. Bad news.

So the right pillow, and also the right sized pillow will make all the difference in your sleep and in your energy level as well.

Lets start with the basics about pillows first.

What position do you normally sleep in..?

This will tell you how substantial, or “lofty” and dense the perfect pillow for you should be so you’ll be more comfy and cozy and sleep better then ever!

If you sleep on your back-
Then chose a medium loft, denser pillow to fully support your neck and head correctly.
If you sleep on your side like over half of us do-
Then go for a more firm and substantial pillow so that your spine is actually aligned for the most comfortable sleep possible.
And if you sleep on your stomach-
Then go for a thinner, softer pillow. This will help you avoid positions that really put lots or stress on your spine, which can lead to back and neck pain.
I learned this the hard way when my back would be really sore and pop back out of  place after constantly using a pillow that was way too thick for my sleeping position.
Another thing to consider is the type of fill you’d prefer.
In addition to knowing about the thickness and density of your new favorite pillow, you’ll want to figure out whether you want natural or synthetic filler material.

Among the most popular natural pillow fillers are:


These tend to be among my favorite pillows- especially the tried and true feather and down pillow. They’re generally more comfortable to have next to your face, and they don’t hold onto moisture or odors as easily as other options, and from my point of view they’re just softer, more cozy and inviting.

Among the most popular synthetic pillows and fillers are:

Foam latex

The foam latex pillows vary greatly in design, density and quality, so please do some more reading up on these options cause there’s a lot to know if you’re considering them.

If you’re looking for a really economical pillow option then a synthetic pillow like polyester may be just right for you. These won’t last very long and may get lumpy and bumpy after several months. You may also want to avoid these types of pillows if you’re allergic or just a bit sensitive because they tend to have a bit of an odor for awhile and can even emit gases from the manufacturing process.