What Is The Best Type Of Cedar For Building Fences?

There are many reasons for building a wood fence but whether it is to mark off a boundary, create some privacy or any other of the many reasons, Western Red Cedar is the best choice for the job.

The fence can be any size or shape or style and Western Red Cedar will provide unbeatable quality, appearance and longevity. It is resistant to decay and insects without the use of any chemicals. It is a stable wood that will not shrink like some woods will so you will have a strong, sturdy fence that is made from a beautiful wood just as it is. You can easily add stain or paint it in any way you want to make it a wonderful addition to your home’s beauty and value.

When buying Western Red Cedar for your fence, it is important to research the different grades and textures that are available. Depending on how you want your fence to look, there are many different grades and textures to make it elegant and classy looking or rustic and outdoorsy looking. There are also pre cut patterns available that can really add some nice detail to your fence if you choose to go that route.