What is a duvet cover

First off let’s go over to question what the heck is a duvet. Well, it’s simply a French word meaning comforter. As you may know, a typical comforter will be two layers of cloth with insulation, typically down and feathers in between them. With modern bedding, you’ll find cotton fill, polyester fill, wool and even silk fill inside.

So a duvet cover is basically a bed linen item similar to a pillow case that encloses the duvet and protects it from dirt, body odors and oils. It doesn’t matter if you can really watch your comforter or not, it’s only common sense to go ahead and put it in a duvet cover, also known as a comforter cover so it will stay well protected.

It’s easy to watch duvet covers — just toss them in what the rest of your bedding and bed linens.  It’s best to keep several on hand, along with your other bed linens.

Why…?  One set of your bed linens should always be in your linen closet, one on your bed and one in the laundry.  This way, your bed linens will also last longer because you’re spreading out the wear and tear over multiple sets.

Duvet covers can be found with the traditional buttons, zippers or even ties so that the comforter does not shift around inside the cover.  You’ll be able to find comforter covers in all of the standard sizes of bed from twin to full, Queen and King.

Duvet covers come in an array of different fabrics, like cotton, silk and their blends, denim, microfiber etc.

You can get them with different prints and in different colors allowing you to redecorate or at least get a fresh look in your bedroom pretty quickly and easily.

So do yourself a favor, and invest in several different duvet, or comforter covers.  You’ll be happy you did because you’ll keep your comforter like a new for years to come, and that’s a great investment.