A wedge pillow for blissful comfort

A wedge pillow can make reading in bed a pleasure rather than a trial on your muscles and body! Especially for those who are ill or bedridden, sitting up is best for those who spend a good deal of time in bed.

The wedge pillows allow you to rest in a semi-upright position without pillows pilled behind the head, possibly causing problems with the neck tendons and muscles.

Wedge shaped pillows have now become fairly easy to find. Some of these pillows have arms; others are simple triangle shaped. Covered in a huge variety of materials, you can coordinate wedge props with any room.

If your children love to watch television on the living room floor and lean on an elbow, they can hurt their posture. The solution? A wedge shaped pillow to prop against the sofa or coffee table and lean against.

No need to prop on an elbow and have the arm go to sleep for lack of proper circulation! I hate when that happens! The wedge gives you a nice place to lean back and enjoy that movie on television, VHS or DVD. Students also love the wedge.

Study time can be a time to sit at a desk, but ask teens how often they actually use their desks as opposed to the time spent writing or reading in bed. The answer may surprise you! They prefer the bed 10 to 1 and the wedge as a pillow support provides them the right physical position to avoid detrimental posture.

Young bodies don’t need to be contorted to get into a comfortable position when using the wedge. Wedge shaped pillows make great gifts. If you know a teen or young adult going away to college, this is a great gift. Choose a color that will go with anything because you just never know what that dorm room décor may be; but black does go with everything and a black pillow will not show dirt easily.

Cleaning a pillow wedge is pretty much like sofa or rug cleaning. A good upholstery cleaner applied using label direction will clean the pillow wedge back to like-new condition. These pillows are not machine washable and most can not be dry cleaned. But a bit of spray on carpet clean and a good brushing will make the pillow wedge fresh and almost-new.

Pillow wedge selections are good and the prices are really affordable. In fact, they are so inexpensive; you could have them all over the house!