Waverly bedding: create a refuge with a style all your own

Waverly Bedding line provides beautiful choices for decorating the room where you spend one-third of your life.

Few people realize how much time is spent in the bedroom and how important quality bedding and a relaxing decor is to quality of life.

Waverly bed linens can make your bedroom special and their bedding choices will win you over in no time! Would you like to spend that one-third of your life in a tropical paradise? Waverly has the bedding to make it happen.

Waverly’s Orchid Cove depicts bright orchid sprays on a turquoise background.

The bedding line includes sheets, pillow cases, shams, and comforters. Waverly has a great surprise in store for those who love their Orchid Cove bedding: the comforter is reversible and the reverse is kiwi color background, so you get two comforters in one!

With this coordinated bedding by Waverly including this extra surprise, you’ll definitely want to grab this great deal!

Sonoma Sunflower by Waverly is bedding that is sophisticated and understated. Calming neutral tones of sage green and champagne mix with the sunflowers to create bedding that will fit into a wide range of décor and provide serenity in the bedroom. This bedding line extends to cover items for drapery and bedside table covers as well.

Waverly thought of everything when creating this bedding line!

Wailea Coast bedding is another tropical theme, but this time Hawaii is the theme. A black background comforter highlights the orchids and pineapples to perfection. Reverse the Waverly comforter and palm fronds are the highlight. This bedding line is another winning combination with attention to detail and a look to bring the sound of the Hawaiian waves right into your bedroom.

Boca Botanical bedding collection by Waverly features a dune or tan background printed with orchids and flowers. The comforter reverses to a pattern of palm fronts, so again, Waverly provides two comforters in a single bedding set! The soft, natural colors will lend themselves to any room that needs a bedding make-over Why spend your life on boring bedding when Waverly can provide botanical wonders to enjoy.

Of course, this is just a small sample of the Waverly line of bedding. There are many, many more choices to enjoy and you may find it difficult to select your favorite.

Waverly doesn’t stop there- they also make bedding for babies! Waverly Baby has bedding choices that include bright colors and patterns to make baby’s room interesting and pleasant. Ginghams, florals, solids, and patterns of all kinds are available to lend just the right touches to baby’s bedding. From receiving blankets to a full baby bedding line, to draperies for the nursery, Waverly has it all.

Their Petite Rose is a gorgeous example. With tiny roses on a neutral background, the prints are mixed with green solids to create a baby bedding quilt that is charming. Sheets feature the rose and neutral design and pillow shams highlight the bedding with a bolder rose on neutral print. Perfect for your baby’s bedding or as a gift for a new baby. Waverly provides bedding that is top quality and easy of care. The materials in Waverly products will last long and you will enjoy them for years to come.