How to choose the right waterbed sheets

Waterbed sheets are different from normal bed sheets, especially if you have a full-wave or semi-full-wave waterbed. A water bed sheet will be shaped differently.

However, if your waterbed is wave less, or even semi-wave less, you may be able to use normal sheets without purchasing those made especially for waterbeds.

A full-wave waterbed requires sheets that are shaped for the not exactly square mattress. Waterbeds that are full wave tend to be higher in the middle and thinner near the ends.

Waterbeds are well known for having the sheets slip off the bed. A good set of sheets for a full- or semi-fill wave waterbed will have a very large pocket of material, usually white, which is placed underneath the edge of the waterbed mattress and hold the sheet in place.

Another difference between the full-wave waterbed set of sheets and those used on a standard mattress is that in the better quality sets, the fitted sheet and the top sheet will be attached with a seam at the foot of the bed. This prevents the sheets from rolling up around you as you move about the waterbed.

I hate when that happens! lol This seemingly insignificantly feature makes making up the waterbed with these attached bed sheets so much easier each day!

This is especially true because people tend to love large, roomy waterbeds in the king or queen size.

Other than the special pockets on the sheets for your waterbed and the foot seam attaching top and bottom sheets, the other things to look for to be certain your are buying good quality sheets are exactly the same as shopping for any type of sheet.

Check the material content and thread count. The higher the thread count of the sheet set, the more softer and luxurious it’ll be. Lower thread counts, while less expensive, will provide a sheet set for your waterbed that is much rougher to the touch.

Cotton is the material of choice for sheets of all kinds, and 100% Egyptian cotton is especially soft and luxurious. Thread counts of about 200 or 220 are perfectly great for normal daily use, and will be soft and durable at the same time. Thread counts of 300 to 400 are really in the luxury range.