Want the finest in bed linens but are sick of spending so much

With all of the hype surrounding thread counts, and some of the questionable tactics some manufacturers use in order to say they have 1000 threadcount bed linens, it would be a great idea to take a look at what you’re really getting for your money.

Threadcount is supposed to be how many fibers you can get into a square inch of fabric both horizontally and vertically.This means there really is a physical practical limit to the numbers possible.That limit is pretty much maxed out at 500 threads per square inch.

Some companies try to tell you that they can get twice that number of fibers, but when you look at this issue closely it’s just not possible — unless that is, you make those fibers half the size and then twist them back together.

What you have then is thinner, somewhat weaker fibers by at double the density. Kind of a sneaky marketing ploy.

I think it’s a better idea to shop for 100% pure Egyptian cotton in a percale or a satin weave… with thread counts around 400 being as high as I would probably go.  The point is to look for the Egyptian cotton because it has the longest and strongest fibers hands down.

And it will produce the strongest, most durable and the supple fabric possible.  You need to watch out when you see manufacturers say something is Egyptian cotton. That may well be partially true, but it could be blended with other shorter cotton fibers, resulting in supposedly Egyptian cotton bed linens that just don’t perform well or last as long.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gotten e-mails from people that insist that the sheets that they bought were actually 100% pure Egyptian cotton, and they’re wondering why they are pilling and stiff. The real deal will last for many many years if properly taken care of.  And that means wash them in cool or lukewarm water only. Oxygenated bleach on occasion only when absolutely necessary to remove stains that otherwise just will not come out.

And take those sheets out of the dryer befor they get bone dry people.  Heat, whether it’s from hot water or your dryer will break the fibers down on in the fabric faster than you can imagine. Get them out while they’re slightly damp and just hang them up.  Your sheets should get softer and more supple and even more of a delight to sleep in as time goes by.

So there you have it… the perfect way to get truly luxury sheets and bed linens without falling for all of the marketing ploys out there trying to convince you to part with your hard earned money unnecessarily.