Wall Mounted Work Benches

Almost everyone has clutter in their garages. Wires, instruments, pliers and every type of equipment can be found in any one’s garage in a random order. To prevent this mess, most people have been installing work benches in their garages. Work benches are great because they provide a place to work, help store the equipment and organize all the bits and pieces of hardware.  Wall mounted work benches save even more space!

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For most people workbenches are too complex to install. However, today, there are pre-made workbenches, some which can fold and some which are fixed. Workbenches are made from different materials including metal, wood, plastic and a combination of materials, depending on the nature of work. Up to now, most work benches were just screwed down to the floor. However, today we have wall mounted work benches which are light, durable and afford more room. Some even fold and have built in locks. Most can be used for any type of light to moderately heavy work.

Wall mounted work benches are made from either metal or wood. The metal ones are usually sturdy and strong but molding them into shape can be difficult. Also the wall mounted steel benches require enormous brackets and large screws. Workbenches made of wood are popular because they are affordable and easier to use

Most work benches are flat but new designs have mounted strips to prevent things from falling on the floor. Others also have small gutters to allow the fluid to run into a bucket. Workbenches are variable in size depending on the purpose of their use. The wall mounted work benches come in various sizes and shapes and can be placed in any corner of the garage. However, installation of any type of workbench is not for an amateur

Prior to undertaking such an ordeal, one should assess the place, determine where one will place it, make sure that it does not obstruct the door, and will allow space for the car to be parked. Make sure that the height is ideal for working for either standing or sitting. One should have provisions made for storing, accessing and cleaning the tools. The dimensions should be measured and then one can visit a hardware store. 

Almost all hardware stores have wall mounted workbenches and they also offer technical help. Installation of a wall mounted work bench is definitely the work of a professional. The brackets have to be installed in the hard cement and not the hard wood. Great care must be taken to ensure that the mounting and the end product is safe. You do not want a wall mounted workbench to fall either on you, your car or your dog.

For the average home, a wall mounted work bench can be installed relatively easily by a professional. The final aim is to ensure that when installed the workbench is accessible, adaptable and easier to work with all types of manual jobs.  So make the decision to clean up that garage.  Try a wall mounted work bench, and organize that clutter!