What are Wall Mounted Ironing Boards?

There was a time, not too many decades ago, when just about every household had a big sturdy ironing board. Well, these days, things are a bit different; what with both husbands and wives working; not many people have time to iron. Also, many clothes do not need ironing, and finally, a lot of people live in rather small and compact homes. So, what is the solution for giving people a compact place to do what little ironing them need? That is where the wall mounted ironing boards come in.


In addition, if you have ever been in a hotel / motel room and needed to do a bit of ironing, a wall mounted model is what you will usually get. The boards have the virtue of being quite useful, yet small and economical – both money wise and in terms of space. Also, many people love to rent or buy a timeshare in order to go on a vacation. Well, the same thing applies; they are tight little places, and wall mounted ironing boards are ideal for use in them. The full-sized ironing boards have to be stored somewhere, pulled up and set up, and then packed away again when you are done. In our modern high-tech high-speed world, most people just do not have the time for such things.


In terms of style, there are two basic types of wall mounted ironing boards. First, there is the board that essentially looks like half of an ironing board. It is surrounded by a metal frame, and you nail or screw it to a wall, or the back of a door. When you need to do the odd ironing, you swing it down into place, and have at it. The other is the collapsible kind. This one has the virtue of folding down into a nice, tight compact compartment. You attach the unit to the wall, and then fold it out in a series of stages and set it up when needed. Also, it has the flexibility to be able to be set at just about any angle. You can lay it out flat, or put it as steep as you need it. You can install it in virtually any space: a narrow hallway, a walk-in closet, a studio apartment etc. For that matter, if you work in an airport, an elderly care center or a hospital, this type of wall mounted ironing board is ideal for them.


Each of these basic wall mounted ironing boards have their pluses and minuses. With the half board, it is generally cheaper, and it is much easier to put up and stow away. The collapsible variety stores in a much smaller space, but it costs a bit more. So, the final decision as to which is best rests with you. Still, no matter what type of wall mounted ironing boards you look to use, they are all splendid examples of what can be done when a need arises, and space is limited.