Wall Mounted Changing Tables

On average, a baby has his diaper changed about “4,500 times,” before potty train can even begin.  A wall mounted changing table is convenient for both parents and provides a great way to save some space around the house.  Another advantage is that it helps you organize all your baby changing supplies at one central location.  It’s easier to clean at one location as opposed to cleaning multiple locations.  If you own a café or restaurant, it shows that your establishment is baby friendly and customers appreciate that.  It also helps with customers having to change the diapers at your eating table.

The changing table can be installed at the right height where it’s convenient for the mother.  One of the main concerns with the wall mounted changing tables is safety.  The changing tables are very safe and easy to use.  You just pull it down and push it back up after you are done using it.

I would recommend purchasing a sturdy wall mounted changing table, depending on the weight of the newborn.  Be sure to check with the manufacturer’s weight limit before you purchase the wall mounted changing table.  There are different options that might come with the changing table.  It might include a separate storage unit where you can store diapers, baby wipes, etc..  Some even contain a small seat belt for those babies that move around a lot more.  If you aren’t very handy, I would recommend spending the additional money to hire somebody professional install it.

One of the negative things is that they can be pricey for one of the nicer wall mounted changing tables.  Also after a couple years when you decide not to have any more kids, you are stuck with it on your wall.  Please check various customer reviews and specs of each of the wall mounted changing table before you purchase.