Tropical bedding brings out your mellow side

Tropical and Hawaiian bedding is one of the hottest bedroom decorating trends going right now.  And it’s no wonder, because we can create a laid-back atmosphere that reminds us of the great fun we had on our tropical vacation when all we did was lay back on the beach and have people bring us mai tais. Tropical bedding can just take you away to such a beautiful, relaxing place.

Okay, so even if we haven’t been to an Hawaiian beach but would love to there’s nothing wrong with bringing the surf home.  And it doesn’t even have to be that difficult to pull off.

Since the bed is the natural focal point of any bedroom, let’s start here. You can get some pretty awesome tropical bed in a bag sets that include everything from the comforter, pillowcases, bedskirt, and bed sheets included.

My favorites are the ones with the Hibiscus flowers because you can coordinate a lot of other items in your bedroom with that look without getting overwhelming.

A lot of times though, when you go for bed in a bag sets, the comforters can be made of polyester fill, which is a turn off to some people.  These comforters, even though they are beautiful to look at can be a bit heavy and hold in the heat a bit much especially if you’re looking for bedding in the summer months. If you’d prefer a cotton fill or shell in your bed bag set, you can find it but you’ll need to really pay close attention.

I would rather put my own bedding set together by buying let’s say a nice 100% Egyptian cotton sheet set that comes with the pillowcases, and a matching bedskirt in maybe a delicate sage green and then buy a nice tropical cotton Hibiscus or other tropical floral quilt to go with it.  Then I would naturally add other items to create that laid-back island feel, like a floral scented candle centerpiece for the reading table next to my overstuffed lounge chair.
You could add some rattan area rugs on the wood floors, and even coordinating drapes with matching lamps and shades.  There would really be no limit to what’s possible when creating a Hawaiian themed bedroom, only your imagination. You’ll end up with a relaxing island getaway you’ll be proud of right there in your very own home.