Tri-Core Pillows

Tri-core pillows can relieve the suffering of sleepers who find regular pillows do not support their necks effectively and comfortably. Often, people with neck and upper back problems or those who have had surgery on their necks spend their nights tossing and turning because they can’t find a comfortable position for their pillow that provides the support they so desperately need.

What makes this tri-core pillow so different and helpful is the way it’s designed. It features a rather unique trapezoid center and two neck lobes which cushion the head and support the neck, making it the highest quality cervical support pillow available.

A tri-core pillow may, for the first time in ages, permit a person with neck problems to sleep through the night without pain. The design of a tri-core bed pillow provides a lower center for cradling the head while supporting the neck. It doesn’t matter if you use the tri-core for a pillow when sleeping on your back or on your side, the design will support your neck properly in either position.

The tri-core design for pillows is so popular for those with neck and back pain that many doctors today recommend this design for their patients and even use these pillows for their own sleep! It is no longer necessary to awaken every morning tired because of lack of sleep and already experiencing a headache from the lack of support you’ve suffered through during the night.

The tri-core designed pillows are available in sizes to suit any bed and you can choose firm or medium for support levels. These pillows fit inside your regular pillow cases you already own and do not require any custom cases as many orthopedic pillows do. Even better, the cost of tri-core shaped pillows is not significantly greater than the price of an average quality standard fiber filled pillow!

You’ll find these pillows provide much better comfort for much less cost than those expensive prescription drugs and don’t have any side effects! It’s well worth the investment to try one of these affordable tri-core design pillows to help you get a good nights sleep and wake up rested and fresh!