Travel throw blanket: handy and ready to go!

If you’re checking into getting a travel throw blanket to keep on hand in your car, boat, RV, or cabin, then here’s a couple things you might want to know about them:

•A throw blanket is normally 50″ by 60″, and comes in many colorful fun shades. It’s the perfect size blanket to toss around your shoulders on all sorts of occasions when a full-size blanket is just too big.

•Usually made of micro fiber fleece. That means that your blanket throw will be ultra soft. Polyester fibers are spun and combed, and then sheared to a uniform height so you get a blanket that is warm and luxurious.

Travel throw blankets are versatile and sometimes even reversible with one side sometimes made of black nylon so they’re easy to keep clean.

•It can be rolled up for easy stowing, and sometimes it’s got carrying handles built into it for extra convenience. It’s a machine washable blanket-and will stay looking great for years.

Mine is still going strong after 4 years and many washings- and I love the avocado shade. You might not be able to find a cool little throw blanket to take everywhere like these at your local store. Shopping for them online though, will please you for sure. They’ll even bring it right to your front door with a smile!