Travel pillows make your trip a breeze!

Travel pillows can make all the difference when taking a long trip, whether by car, bus or jet. Anytime you need to be seated in a vehicle of any type for a long period of time, your neck can become very stiff from holding the head in place.

The limited motion of the body during a trip of several hours or most of a day can result in a stiff, sore neck the next morning. And worse yet, when you arrive at your destination, you may be presented with a less than a comfortable pillow to sleep on, which is also a bummer!

So you travel pillow can save the day and keep you from getting headaches too! Micro bead filled pillows, especially the new powder micro bead filled ones, can help conform to whatever your seating position to support the head and shoulder in a relaxed position. They’ll normally have this wonderfully soft spandex covering too, which makes using these pillows fun whether you’re traveling or not!

These cool travel pillows are available in square, rectangular or bolster-shapes which are small enough to slip into any carry-on bag and during the trip place between you neck and the seat back.

For those who have serious neck problems, a contour pillow shaped specifically for cervical vertebrae support may be the best shape pillow for you. These are also small enough to fit easily into a bag and will shape to the available space.

The slippery micro beads move to create a contour perfect for the particular areas which need support. If you find yourself with a flat, lumpy hotel pillow in your bed on arrival, you may even want to sleep using your micro bead pillow. An even more compact idea for a nice travel pillow is inflatable.

These pillows, when uninflated, fold or roll and fit inside nifty carrying cases. When needed, the travel pillows are removed and blown up with only a few puffs of breath. These pillows also come in a variety of shapes from bolster, rectangular to u-shaped for fitting around the neck.

The amount of air used to inflate these travel pillows controls the exact firmness of the pillow. You’ll be thrilled with the great selection of pillows you find here for traveling when you shop online! Not many local retailers can beat the selection or prices either.