Toddler Pillow Tips You Can Use

A toddler pillow is a pillow that is just the right size for a child of two years or more.

Prior to age two, use of a pillow of any type is considered dangerous and is not recommended.

Babies should sleep without the possibility of snuggling their little heads under a pillow and potentially smothering.

Toddler pillows are smaller the size of a standard adult pillow and they have their own special pillow cases that are made to fit them. A child of two to five or six years old simply can not sleep comfortably on a large standard adult pillow!

Their necks and shoulders can not be comfortable because the pillow is too large and too thick. The toddler’s special pillow allow your child’s head, neck and shoulders to be supported just like yours but in a size proportional to the child’s smaller body.

Measurements for pillows for toddlers are usually 12 inches by 16 inches in size. Pillow cases for the toddler pillows come in a wide range of prints and colors to fit in with any bedding theme you may have in your child’s room.

When traveling, the pillow for your toddler will be great for carrying in the car for napping or for sleeping in hotels. Since hotel pillows are traditional thick and fluffy, your young person will be much more comfy and sleep better with their own toddler sized pillow.

There are even allergy-proof pillows in toddler sizes available if your child is allergic to pillow fillings. You’ll find pillow covers that are toddler sized for additional allergy proofing and no sneezing, wheezing and watery eyes. =)

If your child doesn’t have allergies, you can select down filling for your toddler’s pillow, or you can select polyester fiber fill. Each will last a good long time, but you will pay a bit more for 100% down fill.

Isn’t your little angel important enough to have their own toddler sized pillow for sleeping through the night and for nap time? Of course! You’ll probably want to buy several so you have enough for their friends when they sleep over!