When you need toddler pillows, here’s some things to know

There comes a time when every baby makes it to the magic age of the toddler.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind when shopping for toddler pillows:

No child under 2 years of age should use a pillow of any type, not to sleep with or to put underneath them. Until after the age of 2, your toddler should not be left alone in a crib with pillows, stuffed animals or quilts.

This is puts your toddler in danger of choking or suffocating. Additionally, you should use tight-fitting sheets, and if you chose to use bumper pads, make sure they’re fastened securely around the entire crib, and trim off any excess length on ribbon or string ties.

After your child does reach that magical age that moves them from babyhood to a toddler, then and not until then are they ready for a pillow. Not just any pillow should be used for a toddler, and it’s important to get a pillow made just for kids to rest that delicate and growing head on.

Another reason to purchase a pillow for your toddler who is over 2 years of age is that many young children tend to get ear infections as a result of colds, and using a pillow to prop your toddler up at night will help ease the pain which does tend to worsen if they lay flat.

Pillows for toddlers are smaller than the average sized pillow and tend to be a bit firmer. You don’t want anything that can wrap around your toddler’s head. Toddler sized pillows may not be easily found in retail stores, but are readily available online at reasonable prices.

You may not really find many appropriate pillows for toddlers at local retailers, but you’ll be thrilled with your choices online.