The Secrets To Creating A Perfect Bedroom

The first thing to remember is not to try to match colors and tones exactly. Try using compimentary colors instead of going with all the same colors or shades of same. You’ll hate the bedroom that’s all white or pink, but mix pink with white and black and now we’re on to something in your bedroom that you’ll love to sleep in and even relax in too. Seems like everyone enjoys just lounging in their bedrooms these days.

Keep in mind that the weaves, thread counts and textures of bed linens can be very different and we must take that into consideration also.

The President and chief executive officer of Matouk, a luxury bedding company, George Matouk,  recommends starting with the duvet in your bedroom designing efforts, which has “the most visual impact on your environment.” Makes sense to me, since your eyes naturally fall on the bed when you first enter the room. Great advice.

Another thing to keep in mind is the other colors and textures in the overall decor. If you have green carpeting or area rugs and white bedroom furniture, it’d look sort of bad when all of your bed is bright pink, right…? Try to go for a color theme that brings all of your entire bedroom and it’s colors together.

Don’t be afraid of neutral or offwhite colors. You can add interest by adding textures…like different window treatments that feature maybe a weave you’ve never had. Small changes can look like huge ones. Try some accent designer pillows that have abit of the same colors in it. How about a bedside lamp or some new pictures with interesting frames to pull your desgin together..? It doesn’t have to hard or even expensive for that matter.

It’s really best and the most fun to choose bedding that suits your individual personality. Mr. Matouk ads, ‘Your bedding is an intimate form of self-expression.’