The Possibilities of Folding Card Tables

Folding card tables are usually associated with poker parties. Most people think of an octagonal table, covered in green felt. Around this table are cigar smoking men, lost in their high stakes game. But these convenient little tables come in many shapes, colors and textures. Folding tables are not just for playing cards anymore.

Many adults can remember holiday dinners spent at the “kids table”. No one ever wanted to sit there, especially not the teenagers. The dreaded “kids table” was always set up in the kitchen on folding card tables. During the day, it was a great way to create extra counter space for the cook.

Folding card tables are great for camping and outdoor activities. They take up little space in the vehicle and are quick to set up and take down. You can even find some that have seats, or benches, attached. The light weight and ease of use make them perfect for tailgate parties or backyard barbecues.

Almost every crafter’s dilemma is never enough space. A folding table is the perfect solution. They are used by hobbyists, model makers and seamstresses too. Seamstresses love these tables for cutting out patterns. Model makers use them to keep their projects safe and out of the way while drying. Another great use for crafters is that card tables make great display stands. Many crafters sell their work at Craft Fairs and Flea Markets and these tables are perfect for vendors.

Folding card tables come in a variety of shapes. One of the most common is the octagon. Depending on what you are going to use it for, another shape may be better. Card tables can be round, square, rectangular, and hexagonal. The sizes of the tables vary too so be sure you know what you need it for when you go to buy it.

The traditional cover for card tables is green felt. But card tables today are made with many types of tabletops. After felt the popular choices are laminate, plywood and foam. These tabletops may be smooth to the touch or come with a bit of texture.

Not only are there choices in tabletops, but colors as well. You can find folding tables to match almost any décor. Many even come with patterns or prints. For example, cow print tables and chairs can be used in the kitchen. Or the simple red and white checked pattern looks great on a patio.

The possibilities for using folding card tables are many. The choices in colors and designs make it easy to find a table that fits your purposes. If not, you can find some websites on the internet that will teach you how to make your own folding table. This way, you will get exactly what you want.