Creating the perfect nursery for your infant

Creating the perfect nursery is the goal of every first time parent. Bringing the new little one home to anything less than the perfect nursery simply won’t do! It really is not that difficult to create the nursery that is just perfect with a little thought and planning. It also does not have to break the bank account to create a nursery that is comfortable for the baby and the parents too.

When creating perfect nurseries, professionals begin with the floor plan. That’s where you should begin as well. By drawing out the floor plan and where the windows, door, closets and architectural features of the room are located, you can try different arrangements of nursery furniture until you find the perfect place for everything you want in the perfect baby nursery.

You’ll need a crib, changing table, a comfortable rocking chair for mom and dad, shelves for toys, and storage for baby’s clothes.

If you have family heirlooms you want to use, carefully inspect each piece to ensure that the paint does not contain lead and that the furniture is in good, safe condition. Refinish or repaint items that you do not know whether the paint could contain lead since this is a major health hazard.

The next step is to child-proof the nursery. No nursery is perfect for a child until it has been made child-safe; for that matter, the same is true for any room in your home. Purchase child safety plugs for open electric outlets. Be sure any windows that extend to near floor level have guards so the child can not fall out. Be sure the walls, doors and window sill are painted with products that do not include lead. Ensure no wiring is exposed, including the electric cords for lamps, baby monitors and other nursery accessories. You may want to consider having the overhead lighting changed to include a dimmer switch capability.

Now the fun part begins! Choose the perfect bedding for your baby’s nursery. You’ll want to select quality products that will last through many washings and will maintain their bright colors and patterns.

Kimberly Grant, the renowned bedding designer, has created over 100 nursery bedding designs and you may find one that is perfect for your baby’s room. The bedding sets by Kimberly Grant include quilt, bumpers, dust ruffle and fitted sheet. Also available are every accessory you could possibly need to make the nursery perfect. Build, Fly, Run is a darling boys’ nursery bedding set that includes helicopters, trains and tractors in bright colors. Dance, Laugh, Sing is a perfect set for the little girl’s nursery needs. Hug, Dream, Love is a set that can be used for either a girl or boy and features animals and colors of blue, green, white, yellow and more.

Cotton Tales nursery creations are also fine quality choices that will fit into the perfect decor for your baby. Lavender Posy is one example that any parents would be proud to add to the perfect collection of nursery bedding. Purple posies on a white background create a bright, airy print for comforter, crib skirt, drapes and room accents. The fitted sheet is lavender there is even a crib canopy available.

Another great choice from Cotton Tales is Sandpiper which features heather green, tan, ecru and white. This bedding set coordinates with the diaper bin, drapes, wall hanging organizer and other accessories to complete the nursery. Sun and Sea from Cotton Tales is bright yellow and blue bringing to mind the sunshine and ocean of a day at the beach. Tags and Twinkles features greens, neutral and tan with puppy dogs and wagons and the little boys who love both of them!

You can spend a little or a lot creating the nursery that is perfect. It is important to look for quality when shopping for your baby’s nursery items. Choose products that are made from natural fibers or natural and synthetic blends which are machine washable. Select products that have seams securely sown to avoid having little fingers and toes catch in loose threads. Choose fabrics which feel good to the touch. Babies have such tender skin that you’ll want only the softest bedding next to your little one’s skin.

Whether you choose to purchase a nursery set you feel is just perfect and includes everything for the baby’s room that matches perfectly, or you want to mix and match to blend some fine quality basics with things you find attractive, you’ll want to have a place for perfect slumber when you put baby down to sleep.

Understanding the positions and bedding that is safe for your baby is important. No pillows or loose bedding should be allowed in the bed when you place your baby down to sleep. The baby can toss and turn and bunch the bedding or pillows around their face and constrict their breathing. Many babies each year die because their parents were not aware of safe bedding and sleeping practices.

Take the time to make your baby’s nursery a place that is perfectly safe as well as perfectly beautiful. You and your baby will both spend many hours in the room you so lovingly design.