The goose down comforter: the essence of comfort

A goose down comforter is one of the best investments you will ever make for your bed. Goose down comforters are made from the small, fine, and tremendously soft undercoat that come from geese. This down is so exclusive and expensive, that this down is routinely mixed with varying amounts of small feathers, also from geese that give the comforter more loft and support.

The more pure down that is in the comforter, the more expensive the comforter will be. It’s usually best to stay away from a comforter that has only a feather fill. Feathers can make your comforter noisy as you move during the night because the quills are thick and rigid. Also, some of the larger feathers have a way of poking you right through the covers!

They won’t be very warm or comfortable either, because they allow too much cool air to reach you.

It helps to know what you’re looking for before you purchase a down comforter. You want to make sure that your comforter has the words baffle box or box construction in the description. This type of style has squared off sections with inserts where the down sits in little compartments. This stops your down from shifting and balling, which will help the fill from losing it’s warmth and loft over time.

Also pick your comforter according to how warm you really need it to be. The number you’ll see associated with the warmth of comforters is called fill power. If you buy a comforter that’s too heavy-duty for your needs, you’ll end up with a comforter that feels too hot, heavy and uncomfortable.

Generally, look for fill power numbers in the following range:

Up at about 600 is good

At 700 is better

at 800 is best, with anything higher being pretty rare and very expensive.

These comforters have been traditionally favored by the more wealthy people in the past. But now, with advances in manufacturing and technology, they are in reach of many more people everywhere. With the internet, you really do have the world at your fingertips!

You can browse comforter shops anywhere and find the best possible deal on that perfect comforter filled with plump down and feathers.