The Benefits of Cedar Fencing

Cedar fencing is the right choice for an individual who wants a sturdy, beautiful and natural looking fence that is also durable and effective. Cedar fences are commonly made from Western red cedar. Western Red Cedar is an aromatic wood that is famous for its awesome beauty and its natural resistance to insects and decay. Cedar wood is very durable and strongly resists rot and decay that many other types of softwood suffer from.

A key reason cedar wood is well renowned for building fences with, is its dimensional stability. Cedar boards have twice the stability of other softwoods. This makes them easy to work with, yet strong and resilient under prolonged exposure to the natural elements. Cedar fencing has 80% of the strength of oak, but at a much lighter weight.

A yard that is surrounded by cedar fencing also looks beautiful. You can avoid the ugly unnatural look of plastic, by choosing cedar fencing.

Cedar wood is superior to many other types of wood, like pine or oak. It is naturally resistant to changes in weather conditions. It is also resistant to insects. This makes cedar fencing an excellent choice for building fences with. In addition to that, cedar wood fencing also has an advantage, when compared to other softwoods, in that the cedar wood has less than half of the expanding and shrinking tendencies that other woods have. This wood does not warp. It holds up well and is durable. It is not surprising to see fences made of this wood to last for half a century.

Cedar wood fencing material is beautiful, with a rich color, grain, and texture with some strong red tones that will make fences made from cedar to stand out from just any other fence. Sometimes cedar fencing materials will be labeled “Western Red Cedar”.

Cedar Fencing

If you want a quality natural wood fence that combines the best of beauty and durability, then cedar fencing is the best choice for what you’re looking for. Cedar fencing materials come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit any specified fencing needs you may have, so you should have no difficulty finding the exact kind of cedar fence that you need for your back yard or garden.
There are many options for purchasing cedar fencing, ranging from pre-cut to pre-patterned cedar fencing. This can include round, pointed or spearhead tops, as some of the options readily available.

If its natural beauty, durability and longevity you want, cedar fencing is the best option out there, from amongst the various softwoods.

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