A Tempurpedic pillow: why is it so popular?

Tempurpedic pillows have become incredibly popular these days, with many thousands of us getting these pillows to help lessen the back pain and other problems that go with improper sleeping posture.

How did the Tempurpedic pillow come to be? It actually took NASA to help solve our sleeping problems here on earth! They needed to come up with a dense foam material that could actually sense the body temperature and weight of the astronauts, and give them overall body support without pressure points during periods of increased G-forces that occur during takeoffs and re-entries.

Even though this foam was never actually used in a space mission, it was a valuable discovery anyway. Eventually the ‘memory foam’ pillow was developed from this material.

Then another inventive soul molded it into the contoured-shape.

•Tempurpedic is the first and probably the most famous brand name associated with these types of pillows:

The Tempurpedic line of pillows feature:

•travel pillows-to wrap around and support the back of your neck while traveling

•neck pillows-with different sizes and shapes available

These same types of pillows are made by other companies that call them other names:

•orthopedic pillows         •memory foam, or just memory pillows     •contour pillows      •cervical pillows

All of them have the dual-sided, contoured shape that you know.

What other benefits do these pillows offer?

•These pillows are hypoallergenic, because they resist dust, mold and bacteria, and are easy to keep clean. A lot of people consider them a perfect pillow.

•We have better overall circulation with this pillow because our bodies are allowed to lay correctly, and pressure points are reduced so that we don’t toss, turn and even snore like we may with other typical pillows.

•The foam actually responds to your body heat, and then molds into the perfect contoured shape that cradles your head and neck.

•The contour shape built into this pillow supports and aligns or neck, shoulder and spine correctly, unlike typical pillows that are just flat- or may actually lift the head and force us into uncomfortable positions. No matter what style of pillow you would prefer most, you’ll be thrilled at the selection you find when shopping online!