Temper Pedic pillow-the pillow that remembers you

They’re made to cradle your neck and conform to you personally while you sleep. They are temperature sensitive as well — meaning that at cooler temperatures they’re slightly harder, while at warmer temperatures they are softer, and more pliant. This is why memory foam, or temper Pedic pillows are called visco — elastic.

This is why you get that “melting down into” sensation as you rest your head in this pillow. Your pillow was adjusting to your head and neck dimensions as the heat is being given off from your body, essentially creating a sort of custom molding effect.

This is all well and good but if you don’t find a good quality memory foam pillow you’ll be very disappointed as I was the first time out. The main thing you need to know about memory foam is density.

Ideally, according to the experts, you’ll look for a pillow with a four or higher density number. This is the sweet spot and they say, as far as pillows go. A 4 pound density means that a 1 foot cube of the memory foam would weigh essentially 4 pounds.It would be denser, heavier and as a result support weight distribution more evenly.

Memory foam has become one of the most popular pillow choices available these days. I caution you though to make sure that you’re buying the authentic Temper Pedic brand name to avoid the glut of inferior memory foam pillows on the market these days.

I would personally stick with the model that looks like a regular pillow instead of the one that looks like a kidney bean — where your head is sort of forced to be in that one spot only.

Some people report that they don’t snore as much or at all when they use these foam pillows because they support and align the spine head and neck correctly. For me the jury’s still out on this one. Another big plus for these foam pillows is the fact that they are resistant to dust mites and other household allergens.

Feather and down pillows have long been known to harbor these microscopic pests that can even cause asthma reactions. I personally love down and feather pillows but know that people with allergies just can’t get along with them. So it’s great that there are so many choices out there these days.

Genuine quality Temper Pedic pillows tend to be more expensive, but the folks that love them really wouldn’t think of sleeping on any other pillow.