Some tips on finding a great teen comforters

When you buy a teen comforter for the first time, you might be a bit surprised and a little sad. Your teen no longer wants cute, cuddly cartoon characters.

They suddenly are interested in style and design. They want certain colors or textures, and they usually have big plans for major changes to the whole bedroom so they’re more comfortable.

In this difficult time of purchasing teen comforters, it’s important to remember a few things:

It won’t be much longer before they move out- then move back in. =)

Say no to black paint but yes to an obnoxious bed comforter they will likely become tired of or take with them when they leave… Yes, there are comforters with your daughter’s favorite teen boy band pictured.

Teenage boys usually like solid colors in rich (‘manly’) colors. Go for comfort. Don’t take it personally if, when they change comforters and wall paint, they also no longer want the beautiful craft project you made together displayed prominently in their rooms. Just wrap them up and put them into storage.

It will become special to them again later. Try to encourage their ideas, even if you don’t think they will look as good as your ideas. Comfort is important, design really isn’t in the big scheme of things.

Embrace individuality. When your teen wants her room different than every single one of her friends, it’s a good sign. Yes, there will likely be some arguments. Yes, your child is growing up – probably a lot faster than you’d like. Yes, teenagers’ decorating ideas may strike you as… well, odd.

Make sure the teen comforter that you finally compromise on will be comfortable enough to help them get a good night’s sleep, even if it is neon orange with fuzzy tassels.