Take off with airplane bedding for your baby aviator

There’s really nothing cuter than walking into a baby’s nursery in seeing a interesting theme that required some creativity and imagination to put together like this airplane bedding theme.

That’s exactly what you’ll get when you get the Baby Aviator Baby Crib Bedding Set by Lambs and Ivy.  I personally would stick to a well known brand name like this as opposed to getting some offbrand baby bedding that you’re just not sure about.

Is the quality of there…?  Will this seams stay put, is it cotton or maybe a cotton/ poly blend and safe and washable…?

It is the airplane bedding soft and snuggly or will it be scratchy on your baby’s skin… you can rest assured that all of these details have been thought of and taken care of when you stick to the the brand names in baby and crib bedding like Lambs and Ivy or Glenna Jean, Kidsline or Cotton Tale.

So let’s talk about this airplane bedding theme for your nursery. The colors are in horizon blue, blue plaid and white. The fabrics in this bedding collection are velour, gingham, and woven plaid.  The hundred percent cotton airplane appliqués are actually embroidered on to the fabrics for durability.

All of the baby’s bedding is machine washable easy care.  This nursery set includes six pieces… a fitted sheet, dust ruffle, bumper, comforter, diaper stacker and even a valance.
If you want to add other accessories to complete the look in your baby’s nursery, you might want to consider the following items to finish off the airplane bedding theme….

A Baby Aviator wall border — easy to put up easy to wash and take down.  8″ x 30″ strips of sky blue with tufts of clouds stars and biplanes… very cute.

A matching hamper — might come in very handy.

A 3-piece Baby Aviator wall decor hanging — hand-painted on wood… measures 7″ x 7″ with stars in wood.

A really sweet matching Baby Aviator upholstered rocking chair — looks very plush and comfortable… so you can spend quiet, quality time with your baby just enjoying everything you’ve created in the nursery.

A music mobile with tiny little plush airplanes in red white and blue and yellow.

You can even get extra a fitted crib sheets if you want them — they have little stars and blue red and yellow with planes doing aerobatic stunts.  Very cute.

Of course you don’t have to stop with just what is offered here by Lambs and Ivy, you could add your own interesting little touches.  You can add your own  posters with pictures of planes on them, or you could even place in a few cute toy airplanes on shelves.

The sky is truly the limit when you decorate your baby’s nursery with airplane bedding.