Tailored Bedspreads

Tailored bedspreads can add elegance to your bedroom or make a day bed more inviting when used as extra seating. By choosing a bedspread in a tailored style, all that extra fabric from a draped bedspread is removed and a boxy shape bedspread that looks tailored is created.

A tailored bedspread style that is popular in the bedroom is the waterfall fitted style. The bedspread is tailored so that all the extra fabric is removed and the edges of the bedspread that flow downward are hemmed. Often, a separate piece of fabric drapes to ensure that should the waterfall edges separate there is matching fabric to ensure the tailored look.

This style bedspread is very popular for the classic, traditional bedroom or the den where you have a day bed and don’t want it to look like a bed. This style of bedspread is readily available in today’s market and most department stores and Internet shops will carry a selection of tailored bedspreads and tailored pillow shams to match.

The tailored box bedspread style has the seams at the foot of the bed sewn together to shape the bedspread to perfectly cover the bed. Often seen in dens where day beds are used, this tailored look holds its shape when those using the day bed for seating get up and down. No wrinkled covers are left to straighten up. Often this bedspread that is tailored to the extreme is used only for covering when the bed is not in use. Many people find the tailored spread too restricting to sleep under. Others, however, love the feel of having the spread not slip off their bodies and prefer the tailored box bedspread for every day use.

Which ever style you select in tailored spreads for the bed, you’ll find them easy to make up and easy to care for. Most tailored spreads are machine washable, but keep in mind that a large bedspread isn’t meant to be laundered in your home washer. Take the time to take it to a commercial laundry facility where you can either wash it yourself in a heavy duty washer or leave it for a laundry service to clean for you.