A Taggie blanket: unique and snuggly

A Taggie blanket is just a cute snuggly blanket for babies and children. What make taggie blankets so special are the soft colorful tabs along the side that gives a child something to hold to when they’re fading off to sleep or just daydreaming.

A tag blanket would make a perfect and unique gift for the family with a new addition if you’re looking for something special.

Taggies come in a rainbow of colors that make babies and children happy, some of the most popular designs are:

•yellow background with characters like ducks and trains and frogs

•blue background with clouds and planes or teddy bears

•ABC’S on yellow background

Taggies are made of fleece that’s made with 100% spun polyester that’s incredibly soft and snuggly that everyone loves! You can find these warm and unique blankets in different sizes from the small that usually comes in about 12″ by 12″ for the small, to the large- which is usually around 18″ by 18.”

They can be used anywhere you need a nice soft blanket, from in the crib (while attended), to providing a nice clean play space for your child on the floor. You could even just toss them in the car for your kids to snuggle in while you’re doing errands or even traveling.

The best thing is, that when you shop for taggies online, you’ll be able to choose from all of their other items too, like pillows and take along toys too- which local retailers probably won’t even carry!