Bed Bath And Beyond Share Prices Tumble

UNION, N.J. (AP) – The home furnishings chain Bed Bath & Beyond said Wednesday that its quarterly earnings fell nearly 19 percent as the nation’s sluggish economy slowed even further.

Is everyone feeling down about the economy..?

BBB earned almost 200 million dollars in the quarter…which sounds like a huge amount to us normal non corporate types right…? but the other part of this is that earnings went down from a year before from 147 million dollars.

So clearly customers are cutting back alittle bit. I would also think that competition from everywhere is also responsible for the numbers being down. I can tell this from my own online business too. Understandable, but at the same time I think people will still be shopping for good deals and better quality in their home accessories like bed sheets, duvet covers, comforters, pillows, kids bedding and so forth.

A positive note on the BBB story here too by the way…share proces rose after trading hours were over, so I’m sure many shareholders slept abit better afterall. Rest of story here