Buckwheat Pillow Reviews: A List Of Excellent Options For You

Many people toss and turn at night, unable to find a comfortable sleeping position. They wake up with a crick in their neck, and they have trouble focusing throughout the day. Sleeping with a subpar pillow can contribute to chronic pain. Fortunately, there are dozens of options for pillows that can help you get a good night’s sleep while providing adequate support for your neck and shoulders. One of those options is the buckwheat pillow.


These heavy, firm pillows date back to around 600 years ago when the Japanese discovered the health and sleep benefits of using buckwheat hulls in their bedding. The hulls do not compact, so they create air flow throughout the night, resulting in a cooler sleeping environment than the typical American polyester or feather pillows. They also provide strong support to the head and neck, resulting in better alignment and a more comfortable night’s sleep.


Buckwheat pillows are sacks full of buckwheat hulls, and you can usually adjust them for thickness by removing or adding hulls. (Imagine a tightly packed bean bag.) They make a soft rustling noise until the hulls are compressed. These are not the cuddly, soft pillows that many people use – in fact, they can weigh up to ten pounds, and upon the first feel, they seem hard and compact. Sound unpleasant? These pillows may take getting used to because they are so different from the polyester or feather-filled pillows most Americans use. But consumers around the world have caught on to the buckwheat pillow trend, and they’re finding that it helps them sleep. Many claim that it helps relieve headaches – even migraines – as well as it alleviates back and neck pain.


Buckwheat pillows conform to your head and shoulders, cradling your cervical spine and keeping your neck in alignment. This can open airways, decrease snoring, and reduce back and neck pain. They are extremely durable – some last up to ten years – and can be refilled once the hulls start to lose their shape. Many people claim they are best for back sleepers. Side sleepers may find that the sound is noisy and the hulls uncomfortable although there are many side sleepers who swear by their buckwheat pillows. Stomach sleepers seem to have the most trouble using these types of pillows.


As with all products, there is a variety of options to choose from. Read on for reviews of the various buckwheat pillows available, and what they have to offer.


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Made for maximum comfort and longevity, Hullo Pillows provide an all-natural alternative to the polyester pillows found in most stores. They are made in the U.S. from U.S.-based, organically sourced buckwheat husks and 100% cotton twill casing. Hulltex, the Minnesota-based maker of Hullo pillows, is dedicated to responsible business practices and donates a percentage of each purchase to The Nature Conservancy.

Product Specs

Hullo pillows have a comfortable mix of firm and give, so if you are transitioning from regular polyester pillows to buckwheat, this might be a good choice for you. Itc comes in three sizes – small (20 x 14 inches), standard (20 x 26 inches), and king (20 x 26 inches).

Hullos come with a money-back, 60-day warranty.

How The Buckwheat Pillow Compares

We picked some similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • ComfySleep
  • Sobakawa
  • Beans72


  • Provides excellent cervical spine support
  • Made in the U.S. with U.S.-made parts
  • Highly durable
  • Adjustable (can add or remove hulls to adjust thickness)
  •  hulls to adjust thickness)
  • Heavy – this pillows weight about 10 pounds


  • The firmness may take some getting used to. This may also make the pillow uncomfortable for side and stomach sleepers. However, this is true about all buckwheat pillows, not just Hullo.
  • Fairly time-intensive to clean

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ComfySleep pillows are another popular version of the buckwheat pillow, with a slightly lower price tag than the Hullo. It is U.S.-made with organic cotton and no chemicals or fumigants, so it is hypoallergenic and environmentally friendlier than regular pillows. Each pillow arrives with extra hulls, so you can add more to your pillow and maximize its thickness. These extra hulls will save you money over time because you’ll have to add more hulls as the original ones lose their shape. (This happens with any pillow, not just the ComfySleep.)

As with all buckwheat pillows, the ComfySleep pillow must be disassembled to wash. The pillow case can go in a washing machine with your regular laundry. The hulls must be laid out to dry if they come in contact with water because you don’t want any moisture trapped in your pillow. That can degrade the hulls, or cause mildew to grow. Do not put any buckwheat pillow in the washing machine.


The ComftSleep’s packaging contains a nice personal touch, because when you buy from them, you are supporting a family-owned business that keeps all its manufacuring in the U.S. Its website even shows a map of where all the parts of its pillows come from: the cotton is grown in Texas and the buckwheat in North Dakota. The fibers are woven in California and sewn into pillows in New York.


The ComfySleep pillow comes in four sizes: traditional (14″ x 21″ x 3.5″ ), classic (14″ x 23″ x 3.5″), classic plus (14″ x 26″ x 4.5″), standard (20″ x 26″ x 4.5″), and queen (20″ x 30″ x 4.5″).


ComfySleep buckwheat pillows can be found on the manufacturer’s home page, ComfyComfy, or on Amazon.


  • Made in the U.S. from a family-owned company, with all-natural and organic buckwheat 
  • Moderately priced
  • Provide excellent spinal support, which can have long-term benefits both physically and mentally
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent support of neck and shoulders


  • ComfySleep pillows do not come with a warranty. Check with the manufacturer for an update to this policy.
  • Extreme firmness may make this pillow prohibitive for side and stomach sleepers.
  • Fairly time-intensive to clean

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The cheapest of the four options, Sobakawa pillows do not offer the same U.S.-made, organic practices as Hullo and ComfySleep. They are also lighter, around 1 pound. If you order on Amazon, this pillow comes with a free pillowcase.

This pillow is the smallest and thinnest of the four we reviewed, with a height of about 2-3 inches. Unfortunately, it is not adjustable – that is, you cannot put more hulls inside it. Its maximum height is only about two or three inches, which actually causes neck or back pain for some. The Sobakawa comes in two sizes: 15″ by 20″ and 20″ by 29″.


“Soba” means “buckwheat” in Japanese, and this company claims that its pillows are as close to the traditional buckwheat pillows as you can get. However, some reviewers and product details list the filling of Sobakawa “buckwheat” pillows are polyester. While it has gotten many positive reviews, it has also received many negative reviews.


If you are looking for a Sobakawa buckwheat pillow, do not be confused by the company’s similar product, which is a “cloud pillow” filled with air beads. That is not a buckwheat pillow. Look for the “Natures Pillow” logo.


  •  Lower cost than other pillows of its kind
  • Small size may make it more comfortable for stomach sleepers. It can also be used as lumbar support in the car.
  • Provide excellent spinal support, which can have long-term benefits both physically and mentally
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent support of neck and shoulders


  • Not adjustable 
  • Only comes in two sizes
  • Has received many negative reviews, claiming that its quality is poor and that the product did not arrive as it was advertised
  • Thinner than the other pillows, the Sobakawa’s height is about 2-3 inches.
  • This pillow is imported, not made in the U.S. with U.S.-sourced parts.
  • Fairly time-intensive to clean

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The Beans72 pillow is manufactured in the U.S. with organically sourced buckwheat hulls and a 100% cotton case. It is adjustable, on the heavy side (weighing about 10 pounds), and has been known to provide relief from headaches, stress, and backaches. This pillow is soft and well-constructed and comes with a generous amount of hulls for filling, which can easily be removed and used later when the original hulls begin to lose their shape. (As with the ComfySleep pillow, this will save you money in the long run.)


Beans72 pillows are advertised as having “Rolls Royce quality,” and many consumers and reviewers support that. Its buckwheat hulls are triple-air-cleaned – a thorough, organic process that eliminates dust, flour, and other superfluous materials, resulting in a 100% natural, hypoallergenic product. The cotton casing is unbleached, so this pillow is truly without chemicals, making it the best choice for sensitive, allergy-ridden sleepers.


This pillow also comes in many sizes, from travel to king and up to two body-pillow-sized versions. The larges body pillow, which is about $115, is 20″ by 54″ and weighs 20-24 pounds. The smallest, an 11″ by 16″ travel-size pillow, weighs only 2-3 pounds and costs about $35.


If you order a Beans72 pillow, it comes in a unique hemp-like bag, adding a personal touch to your delivery.


  • Excellent cervical spine support, especially for back sleepers
  • Wide variety of sizes available, including travel size, body size, and several in between
  • Highly adjustable and comes with a bag of extra hulls


  • The Beans72 pillow is heavier than other buckwheat pillows of its size.
  • The noise and firmness may bother some people, especially side and stomach sleepers.
  • Has received many negative reviews, claiming that its quality is poor and that the product did not arrive as it was advertised
  • The hulls may bother your ears if you are a side sleeper.
  • Fairly time-intensive to clean

No products found.


Most buckwheat pillows have these things in common: they have a cooling effect due to their air flow. They are firm and heavy and distinctly unlike most polyester pillows. They are durable and will last much longer than your average polyester pillow. They provide excellent support to the cervical spine, which can cause better sleep, relief from headaches (including migraines), reduced snoring, and more energy throughout the day. Many people with chronic neck pain or sleep trouble have found relief through all the above-reviewed pillows.


The Sobakawa pillow clearly comes in fourth. It is the least expensive, but that is apparent in its performance. It is not adjustable, and it does not allow for any addition or removal or buckwheat hulls. It is a thin pillow that cannot be made thicker. However, some distributors advertise that it has a lifetime guarantee, so if you do find that you love the Sobakawa pillow, you are set for life.


When it comes to choosing the best, we have a hard time choosing between the Beans72 and the Hullo. Both are similar in their level of comfort (once you get used to the firmness, that is!), ethical sourcing, and cooling effect.


Beans72 offers the widest variety of sizes, and it provides the most hulls, giving you the maximum choice for the pillow’s fullness.


The ComfySleep pillow comes in a very close second. The biggest drawback to the ComfySleep is not the quality or comfort, but in the fact that it has no warranty. Since switching to buckwheat pillows can be a big change, we liked the security of knowing there was an option to return the pillows.


Buckwheat pillows just might be the new wave of sleep comfort – for those willing to get used to the firmness, the sound, and the weight. If you are considering making the switch, there are many excellent options available to you, starting with the Beans72, the Hullo, and the ComfySleep.


The Purple Mattress Reviews: Everything You Need To Know

Choosing a new mattress is an important decision that will impact the quality of your sleep over the next few years. Most brands claim to have a product that is different from other mattresses. Purple is a brand that offers an interesting product thanks to its polymer comfort grid. Here is what you need to know about Purple mattresses.

waking up

image source: purple.com

What Are Purple Mattresses?

Purple is a small brand that offers a limited but well-organized product line. The mattresses offered by this brand use a unique polymer material that you won’t find anywhere else and that sets the brand apart.

This brand isn’t carried in mattress stores. You can order Purple mattresses on the official website of the brand or shop for these products on Amazon and similar sites.

Purple offers two lines of mattresses. The first line is the original design the brand launched a few years ago to introduce its unique polymer comfort grid.

The second line is a redesigned of the original mattress. This line includes different mattresses with varying thickness. This is an interesting addition to the product selection since the original mattress didn’t feature these options.

New Purple Mattress Line

Let’s take a look at the different layers of these mattresses:

  • The stretch cover makes the mattress cool and breathable.
  • The smart comfort grid provides gentle support and eliminates pressure.
  • The comfort foam layer makes the mattress more durable and provides additional support.
  • The 7.5-inch high coil layer relieves pressure.
  • There is an additional layer of foam for comfort.

The mattress is protected by breathable side panels made from a mesh-based material. This feature improves airflow and keeps the mattress cool. The side panels also preserve the structure of the mattress and make it more durable.

Purple mattress reviews also mention that the products are made from hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials. This is worth mentioning since mattresses can turn into breeding grounds for allergens like dust mites.

You can choose from three different mattresses, the Purple 2, 3, or 4. The number corresponds to the thickness of the polymer comfort grid in inches. A Purple 2 mattress is firm, a Purple 3 is medium, and a Purple 4 is ideal if you want a soft mattress.

Original Purple Mattress

The original Purple mattress features the same polymer comfort grid you will find in the newer mattresses. However, this mattress has a knit cover instead of a stretch cover.

There is another major difference. The coil layer is missing and is replaced by an additional layer of foam. The original Purple mattress has two layers of comfort foam at its base. This is a medium mattress.

The coils help make the new mattresses more durable, but sleeping on two layers of comfort foam is a better option if you want a foam mattress rather than a hybrid mattress.

What Makes Purple Mattresses Unique?

The comfort grid is the feature that stands out the most. We didn’t find any other brands that use a grid structure inside of their mattresses.

The polymer material is an ideal choice to relieve pressure and absorb movements. The grid means that these mattresses have a unique feel to them. It might take a while to get used to sleeping on one of these mattresses, but we think there are many advantages associated with this design if you want a mattress that relieves pressure.

Using a polymer grid is an interesting approach because this structure keeps the mattress cool and breathable. The downside of memory foam mattresses is that they are not made for hot sleepers.

If you don’t like memory foam for this reason, a Purple mattress is an alternative worth considering. The polymer is also more durable than memory foam, which makes the mattresses an excellent investment. The grid seems to absorb movements more efficiently than memory foam as well.

Purple mattress

image source: amazon.com

Overall, Purple mattresses stand out because of their design. The different layers are carefully selected and assembled to serve different purposes. The mattresses feature an ideal combination of support and comfort.

We think these mattresses are suitable for different sleeping positions and would be perfect if you want a mattress that relieves pressure and keeps your spine aligned.

We also like the fact that the brand offers different mattresses to choose from. You can opt for a mattress with coils or choose a foam mattress and compare different thickness and firmness options.

You should also know that the brand offers a 10-year warranty on its product. If you buy a mattress on the official Purple website, you will benefit from a 100-days return policy in case you don’t like the mattress.


You can purchase a Purple mattress from the official site of the brand or shop for these mattresses on Amazon. Here are a few prices:

  • A Purple 2 mattress ranges from $1,300 for a Twin XL to $1,900 for a California King mattress.
  • A Purple 3 mattress ranges from $1,900 to $2,700.
  • You will have to spend between $2,500 and $3,500 for a Purple 4 mattress.
  • If you want the original model without the coil layer, you will have to spend between $700 and $1,300.

Note that the Purple website offers financing options if you want to make monthly payments on your new mattress.

Public Perception

Overall, Purple mattress reviews are positive, and most shoppers are very satisfied with their purchase. The original mattress has received a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


image source: amazon.com

Finding reviews for the new mattresses is more difficult since they are only sold on the official site of the brand. However, mattress buying guides consider these mattresses to be an interesting choice because of the polymer comfort grid and the overall quality of the products.

The original mattress has received many positive reviews from shoppers. People think the mattress is supportive and comfortable.

Shoppers say they love sleeping on the mattress. They fall asleep fast and wake up feeling refreshed. The mattress does a great job of reducing pressure for the back, shoulders, and hips.

The pressure relief feature is mentioned in reviews written by people who suffer from back pain and other health problems. The mattress makes a difference for these people. Reviews also talk about the mattress being durable.

The drawback that is most often mentioned in reviews is that the mattress is too firm. Note that the original Purple mattress is a medium mattress. A soft mattress might be a better option for you, but you could also upgrade the original Purple mattress with a soft cover.

People say that it might not activate the comfort grid and benefit from the pressure relief aspect of the mattress if you are lightweight and sleep on your side. The mattress might feel firm if you are too light to sink into the cover and activate the comfort grid.

The price of the mattress is another drawback that is mentioned in some reviews. However, most Purple mattress reviews state that the products are a durable investment and have improved the lives of those who purchased them.

How Do These Mattresses Compare To Other Options?

It is important to shop around if you want to purchase a new mattress. Here are a few alternatives to consider.

Tuft & Needle Mattress

TUFT & NEEDLE - Original Queen Adaptive Foam Mattress, CertiPUR-US,...
  • PROVEN - Over a million people choose us every night. In fact, 95% of our customers keep and love their T&N Original...
  • PROPRIETARY FOAM - Our T&N Adaptive foam is engineered based on customer feedback and provides pressure relief where you...
  • COOL SLEEPING - Our foam is more advanced than outdated materials such as latex and memory foam, the T&N Adaptive foam...

This is a mattress you should consider if you want a product that relieves pressure. Tuft & Needle uses a different technology to relieve pressure points.

Tuft & Needle mattresses are made from adaptive foam. This material will support you and relieve pressure regardless of how you sleep.

The high-quality foam allows air to circulate. The mattresses also absorb movements so you won’t feel your partner moving.

You will get a 10-year warranty with one of these mattresses and can also choose to return it within the first 100 days.

Tuft & Needle uses a simple design for its mattresses. The mattresses feature a layer of supportive foam, a layer of adaptive foam, and a comfortable woven cover.

This product has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and more than 6,000 shoppers have reviewed and rated the mattress. People say they love how supportive and bouncy the mattress is. Reviews also mention that the mattress stays cool and does a great job of absorbing movements.

This mattress is somewhere between soft and medium. You won’t be able to choose between different levels of firmness and thickness like with the new Purple mattresses.

A Tuft & Needle mattress is an option you should consider if the Purple mattresses are outside of your budget range. You can get one of these mattresses for $375 to $700 depending on the size you want.

No products found.

No products found.

This is a gel memory foam mattress with an interesting feature. The mattress is designed so that you can flip it and use both sides depending on the experience you want. The top side of the mattress features a soft plush cover. You can flip the mattress if you would rather sleep on a medium firm surface.

The gel-infused memory foam is an interesting material if you want pressure relief. This material will adapt to your weight and temperature.

The mattress uses a quality comfort foam layer and another high-density foam layer for additional support. The two foam layers help with alignment when you sleep.

A gel-infused mattress is an option you should look into if you are a hot sleeper. This material will keep you cool throughout the night while other materials are temperature neutral.

A Sweetnight mattress is also a great option if you are on a budget since you can get a queen-size mattress for $440.

We think a Purple mattress might be more durable, but a Sweetnight mattress could still be a great choice if you are on a budget and want a cool mattress that will relieve pressure. This product has received a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and people say they love the soft feel and the cooling effect.

What We Think

Purple uses a unique technology for its mattresses. The polymer comfort grid could make a real difference if you are looking for a high-quality mattress that relieves pressure and absorbs movements.

This is an interesting approach to pressure relief since it keeps the mattress cool and breathable, unlike memory foam. You won’t get the feeling that you are sinking into the mattress, which is one of the downsides of sleeping on a memory foam mattress.

Purple mattresses are ideal for many types of sleepers. However, it is possible that you won’t get the benefits of the comfort grid if you are a lightweight sleep and sleeps on your side since you might not activate the grid.

Overall, Purple mattress reviews are positive, and we think this positive reputation is entirely deserved. We recommend that you compare the different designs and thickness options. The original mattress is more affordable, but a Purple 3 or 4 mattress would be a better choice if you want more comfort.

The downside of this brand is that mattress stores don’t carry it. This means you can’t experience what the comfort grid feels like until you purchase a mattress and have it delivered. The 100-day return policy is a positive point, and the brand has a positive reputation for handling returns.

There are other options to consider such as gel-infused memory foam, or a memory foam mattress if you are looking for pressure relief. You can easily try these mattresses in local stores to see what they feel like and decide whether or not these materials are suitable for your needs.

Purple is an interesting brand if you are looking for a pressure relief mattress. The polymer comfort grid used in these mattresses is unique and helps absorb movements and relieves pressure while keeping the mattress cool and breathable. We recommend these mattresses if you are looking for a durable and comfortable product.

Why Saatva Mattress Is The Best Mattress For You

When was the last time you bought a new mattress? If it’s been more than five years, there’s a good chance it’s already time for a new one.

Which mattress should you choose to erase body aches, keep you healthy, and ensure all the health benefits from a full night’s sleep? We’re so glad you asked! We’ve fallen in love with Saatva Mattress, the mattress company that’s been around since 2011 and is the first mattress company to sell only online.

Today, Saatva Mattress is known for its affordably luxurious coil mattresses, as well as its eco-friendly foam mattresses found under its Loom and Leaf brand, and its natural latex mattresses sold under its Zenhaven brand. All three brands have a reputation for high-quality, without the price.

What Makes Saatva Special?

saatva mattress

While traditional mattress retailers are known for being gimmicky (if not downright sleazy) with their marketing tactics and pushy salespeople, Saatva has stood out–in a good way–since the beginning. Created by two seasoned pros in 2010, the company eschewed brick and mortar stores in favor of selling online only.

We like to think of Casper as beginning the online mattress industry, but it’s more accurate to say Casper pioneered the bed-in-a-box foam mattress; it was Saatva who first had a hunch that what people wanted was an easy mattress shopping experience.

Ultimately, Saatva’s online-only business model allowed them to skip the middlemen and keep expenses low, passing on a fat discount to consumers. The company’s name is a version of the Sanskrit word for pure (sattva). It has been featured by IncVogueForbes, and many others and now hits sales in the hundreds of millions each year.

Once your order is placed, a Saatva customer service agent will help you navigate the delivery process, since your purchase includes installation as well as mattress removal (optional).

Saatva’s Innerspring (Coil On Coil) Mattress

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The flagship Saatva mattress is designed, in Saatva’s words, to combine “American craftsmanship” with “environmentally responsible materials.” This isn’t the greenest brand you’ll find, but it is one of the most comfortable, and you’re getting it for a tremendous value.

Here’s What You Can Expect In A Saatva Mattress:

  • Coil on coil construction that utilizes two layers of tempered steel support. The base layer is shaped like an hourglass and offers tremendous support and durability, while the second layer is made from individually wrapped steel coils. Pocketed coils are the premier manufacturing type for coil beds and significantly minimize motion transfer while allowing for a contoured, comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Dual Perimeter Edge Support System, which means additional foam for anti-sage edge support. This both increases the bed’s overall durability, and allows you to take advantage of every inch of your mattress–extra helpful if you’ve got kids or dogs that like to share your bed!
  • A layer of high-quality memory foam, which provides lumbar support and pressure point relief throughout the night.
  • An advanced euro pillow top, normally only found on $2,000+ mattresses.

Saatva explains that the features mentioned above would normally retail for over $2,700, but its queen is available for just $999, making it comparable with memory foam bed-in-a-box mattresses–but much, much nicer and more durable. In fact, Saatva expects each bed to last up to 15 years.

Details Not To Miss

Each Saatva mattress works on a standard base or the company’s adjustable base, which can be purchased with either the 11” option or the 14” option.

There Are Also Three Firmness Levels:

  • Soft is for side sleepers or lightweight body types
  • Luxury firm is Saatva’s bestseller and found in luxury hotels (it’s the most recommended option for people who tend to toss and turn a lot at night)
  • Firm is ideal for heavier body types and stomach sleepers

People Love This Mattress

Finally–and probably most importantly–Saatva Mattress performs incredibly well in reviews. On Google reviews, a third-party review site unaffiliated with Saatva, the company rates a whopping 4.8 stars out of 5.

That’s a 94% approval rating for over 2,400 reviews! We’ve seen few companies come close to this high of a rating.

amazon review

image source: amazon.com

The Bottom Line

There aren’t a lot of people who won’t benefit from a Saatva mattress. And at less than $1,000 for some serious luxury, it’s hard to come up with reasons to not replace your old mattress!

Loom And Leaf (Saatva’s Luxury Memory Foam Mattress)

No products found.

We almost hesitate to use the word luxury here, because we don’t want you to think this mattress is expensive–because it isn’t.

Just like the Saatva mattress, which has combined made-in-the-USA, luxurious quality with a value pricing, so Loom and Leaf have been able to turn premium 5lb. memory foam into a beautiful mattress buying experience that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Unlike many other bed-in-a-box foam beds, this one utilizes cooling gel, breathable channels, organic cotton covers, and premium foam made in the United States.

The Reviews Know

It all shows in the reviews. Again, when we take a look at Google’s Loom and Leaf ratings, we find that the company hits an average of 4.8 stars over 1,297 reviews.

People write in to explain how they’re no longer waking up in pain, and how this mattress has proven to be better than much more expensive purchases.

amazon review 1

image source: amazon.com


How does Loom and Leaf compare to the competition? It’s telling that the company has created a product almost identical to Tempur-Pedic’s Tempur Cloud Luxe Breeze, which retails for $4,700–nearly five times the price of the Loom and Leaf.

Plus, Loom and Leaf offers a 120-day trial (Tempur-Pedic offers a 90-day trial) and a 15-year warranty (versus Tempur-Pedic’s 10-year warranty).

Casper is the creator of one of the bestselling memory foam mattresses available online today, and it’s worth noting the Casper mattress costs about $100 less than the Loom and Leaf. However, while Loom’s mattresses are 12” thick and utilize five layers (plus a cooling layer of gel foam and another layer of contoured foam for extra breathability), Casper’s mattress is 9.5” thick and utilizes four layers of foam.

Finally, Casper mattresses come vacuum-sealed in a box about the size of a golf bag, while Loom and Leaf hand-delivers and installs your new mattress, and removes your old.

The Bottom Line

There are cheaper foam mattresses than the Loom and Leaf (or the Casper, for that matter), but if you can get what is essentially a Tempur-Pedic for a fifth of the price, why wouldn’t you?

Zenhaven (Saatva’s Natural Latex Mattress)

No products found.

Saatva Mattress considers green to be the next big horizon, and it’s committed to this felt customer need by creating a line of natural latex mattresses known as Zenhaven.

Latex, a sustainably-harvested, natural product is prized for its hypoallergenic, all-natural properties. While the Zenhaven isn’t made from Dunlop latex, which is the most organic of the two types of latex available, it is made with American Talalay latex and organic New Zealand wool, prized for its cooling properties and natural fire resistance.

How Does Latex Sleep?

Latex mattresses feel a bit like memory foam, but instead of sinking down into a hot mattress that will contour to you–but keep you from moving easily–latex allows you to move around more comfortably and a lot cooler.

Normally, latex is very expensive, but in typically Saatva innovation, the Zenhaven is about half the price of a retail latex mattress of comparable quality.

image source: amazon.com

Great For Allergy Sufferers

If you suffer from allergies, latex is an especially appealing choice, as it is resistant to dust mites and mold, which can exacerbate breathing problems such as asthma.

The Zenhaven’s latex layers are formed with pinholes, tiny holes that allow air to penetrate, so you stay cool at night. The company has designed these pinholes around five distinct density zones to provide pressure relief where it’s needed–under the torso and shoulders, for example.

The Warranty Is How Long?

Just like with Saatva’s other mattresses, your Zenhaven comes with free white glove delivery (which is ideal, because latex mattresses are heavy!), a 120-night warranty, two firmness levels, and a whopping 20-year warranty (did we mention latex is extremely durable?).

The Bottom Line

If you’re ready to pay a bit more upfront, a latex mattress is a great buy. A Zenhaven latex mattress is an even better buy.