How much does fake grass cost?

Fake grass or also commonly referred to as artificial turf is no as expensive as people think. Most people will make the mistake of merely comparing the cost of artificial turf versus sod in a per square foot basis.

But what about the factor of time? Most owners of synthetic love the fact that they have extra hours to spend each and every week doing something else they enjoy – with family, friends, outdoors, sports, etc. Furthermore, when you factor in the costs of maintenance for a natural lawn (watering, fertilizing, mowing, aerating, sprinkler problems, the cost of equipment such as lawn mower, etc.), upon comparison, a synthetic grass lawn actually is better for your wallet. Our recent studies have proven that fake grass can actually save the average family much more money annually, and is less expensive than most people believe.

Considering the fact of time, the easy of of maintenance, and the fact that installing artificial turf actually raises your property value. Synthetic grass is an asset and investment that will last years and years to come. It is one of the greatest ways to invest in your property, because not only can it save you money monthly; but, it’s also attractive for the future home owner as they realize that their will be saying on their water bills, not to mention the ease of stress-free management. Our conservative calculations show that the installation of artificial turn pays for itself, or yields an ROI (return on investment) within approximately 48 months.

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Thousands are making the switch monthly. Installing synthetic grass in your home or business is the right decision and it’s helping families and businesses all across the country save money.