Let a Sunbeam electric blanket shine on your bed this winter!

A Sunbeam electric blanket gives you instant, plush and safe warmth- and even lets you match your heating blanket with your bedding decor colors.

•Another nice thing about Sunbeam electric blankets is that they have a reputation for great quality too!

•Electric blankets allow you to save money by turning the thermostat down a bit at night- and most people actually sleep better in a cooler environment. I sure do!

Plus, Sunbeam provides electric blankets that will make you feel snuggly, warm and safe.

•Did you know that using an electric blanket can actually improve the healthiness of your bed? Sunbeam does!

Anyone who has allergies knows that dust mites can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms.

•Since your bed can contain moisture as well as skin and hair cells that are shed daily, the mattress is a perfect environment for dust mites to flourish. Can you say yuk? lol

•By using an electric blanket like the Sunbeam model, much of the moisture is dried up and the dust mites can’t survive and multiple nearly as well.

•Safety is another thing that comes to mind when thinking of electric blankets. Sunbeam is of course concerned with safety as well. Always a leader in the safety area, Sunbeam has invented SleepPerfect® Technology which makes the Sunbeam Safe & Sound electric blankets some of the safest possible choices in electric bedding!

•Using built-in microprocessors, the electric blankets from Sunbeam actually sense any abnormal temperature increase and automatically reduce the power to prevent blanket overheating. In fact, Sunbeam has created technology that will tell you if you haven’t connected the control to your blanket properly!

•Since not everyone likes to sleep at the same temperature, Sunbeam’s dual control blankets allow couples to choose the temperature they prefer without causing their partner to be too hot or too cold.

•Sunbeam also makes sure that your warming blankets are easy to keep clean and looking great. Simply unplug the electric control and machine wash the blanket, then tumble dry. Pretty nifty!