Stowaway Wall Mounted Stow Away Ironing Board

This Stowaway Wall Mounted Compact Ironing Board by Better Lifestyle is really ingenious. It combines convenience, space efficiency, inconspicuous style and amazing affordability into one smart, simple package, designed for quick and easy D-I-Y installation. It sets up in seconds, takes up very little wall space, is easy to install (you need to find one stud) and gives you 35L x 12W inches of ironing board surface. It weighs only 24 pounds and can be mounted to any desired height.

The extremely stable, compact size, ventilated steel mesh ironing surface does not require any underside support or struts like other outdated ironing centers. It takes up minimal wall space with its patented, space-saving design which folds away to 27H x 13W inches with a mere 4 inches wall profile! It opens parallel to the wall then swivels and locks at any angle between zero and 180 degrees, thereby making it easy to fit and use into almost any space. If parallel to the wall it sits a mere 4 inches from the wall. This popular board includes a durable, high quality natural one piece ironing board cover/pad.

This Better Lifestyle wall-mounted Compact-Size Ironing Center is particularly practical for installation in confined spaces, such as narrow hallways, studio apartments, walk-in closets, TV rooms, boats, trailer homes, RVs, shop and theater dressing rooms, hotel & motel units, holiday cabins, assisted living homes, hospitals and clinics, airport facilities, etc. But, even where space is not a problem, you will still enjoy the many benefits of the practical, stylish and affordable Full-Size Ironing Center.

It includes Chrome-Plated Iron Rest, Clothes Rack, Padded Cloth Ironing Board Cover, Soft Fabric Wall Cover, Wall Mounting Plate, all required mounting hardware, installation instructions, a user guide and a 3 year manufacturer warranty.