Squish pillows – what’s all the fuss about?

Squish pillows have really become very popular these days. Toss a squish pillow or two on the couch, in the car, kids bedrooms or wherever you’d like to add some extra fun.

The outer shell is normally made with a nylon-spandex combination, which has a super soft feel. The better companies selling these pillows make sure that their stitching is good quality and tight enough so that the puffed up polystyrene beads won’t leak through.

The beads are what gives this pillow the almost addictive quality. All of those millions of beads adjust, squishing and sliding to your every touch- you’ll never want to put this pillow down!

This pillow comes in lots of different sizes and designs to meet anyone’s fancy.

Some of the most well- known favorites are:

*smiling red lips *basketballs *neck pillows *tubes

*soccer ball *square *decorator accent pillow

You’ll find these pillows in some wild colors that will surely compliment any decor like:

*lime green   *soft pink   *bold red    *sky blue    *black

Just spot clean this cool little pillow when needed, and your family will enjoy it for years to come!