Spring Air electric blankets: from frozen to toasty!

Spring Air electric blankets provide that cozy warmth you seek on cold winter nights. A Spring Air electric blanket have a great reputation for quality, and their blankets come in all common bedding sizes and are safe to use, as well as easy to maintain.

You’ll love to snuggle under these wonderful, lush electric blankets!

Spring Air blankets are made of ultra-soft fleece and are machine washable, which is a worry free plus!

•The wires that transmit the warmth are barely visible at all – unlike some older electric blankets where the wiring was heavy and bulky!

•Spring Air has integrated a Quiet Time® controller which is easy to operate and has an automatic shut-off feature. The numbers on the controller are easy to read. When you choose a Spring Air blanket in queen or king size, you can opt for dual controllers so that each person can choose their own heat level.

•If you are looking for a gift for an elderly relative or friend, the Spring Air blankets can be perfect. Many older people have trouble reading the numbers on controllers with tiny numbers. The electric blanket options from Spring Air solve this problem with larger numbers. With Spring Air’s low-voltage blankets, the elderly person does not have to fear overheating.

•And the electric blankets from Spring Air offer a pre-warm feature so your loved one does not have to climb into a cold bed and wait for the electric blanket to warm.

•Utility costs are always a concern, especially during winter months. The low voltage used by Spring Air blankets will not run your electric bill up significantly. In fact, if you turn the thermostat down and use the blanket to provide heat, you will save a great deal of money on your electric bill during the coldest months.

So if you’re shopping for these wonderful electric blankets for yourself or a loved one, then you can rest assured that they’ll get the warmth and comfort with these Spring Air blankets!