Sports bedding and dreams of sporting glory!

Do you have a child who can’t get enough of his or her favorite sports team? Well don’t fight it – get him some sports bedding, so the last thing he sees every night is his teams’ emblem!

For all the dads reading this (and a fair number of moms), you’ll recall how much you loved this or that sport more than all the rest.

And everyone had their favorite college and pro teams in every major sport – football, baseball, basketball, hockey. Remember your dreams of being the next sports legend?

Fortunately, just about every major pro team and college athletics department put out all kinds of sports products, including sports bedding. Unless your kid just happens to become enamored of the Amarillo Antelopes or some other obscure minor league farm club team, chances are you can fulfill his wish to sleep in bed sheets and pillows emblazoned with his favorite sports team.

I remember being a huge Oakland Raiders football fan as a kid (still am) and having my bedroom decked out in all manner of Raiders paraphernalia, including bedding. It was a big deal, especially the night before a game, to snuggle up close to that bed sheet with the silver and black sports emblem and say my prayers. Asking God to smite down whoever happened to be standing in the way of a perfect season was a worthy reason to pray in bed before trying to sleep, as every kid who happens to be a sports fanatic knows!

That’s why it mattered to have your sports teams’ actual colors and emblem physically touching your body as you slept the night before the big game. Or maybe that was just me.

When picking out bedding for your little sports lover, keep in mind the number of times in any given week during the season that you will be badgered to keep the sport sheets on the bed. You will want to invest in quality sports bedding material that will stand up to repeated washings without crumbling or fading.

Avoid sports emblems that are not woven into the material, as they quickly fall apart after just a few machine washings. Maybe you’ve looked around in your local retailers and haven’t had much luck in finding the right bed linens with sports themes.

Don’t give up hope and give it another try online, where some cool deals are waiting to be found!