Southwestern bedding for casual or dramatic decor

Southwestern bedding has become extremely popular as more and more people move toward wanting a southwestern feel. They want a casual but often dramatic and bold design for their bedroom decor, and a southwestern touch is just the perfect approach to achieve that wonderful mix.

These folks are feeling a bit adventurous and tired of the same old white and off-white sheets and pillowcases on their beds!

From sheets to pillow cases, blankets, bed spreads, quilts and comforters, the southwestern theme can be located in every type of bedding. Some bedding patterns are based on authentic southwestern Native American designs; some are even created by Native Americans. These are the most authentic choices for bedding with a southwestern touch.

One way to include southwestern touches into bedding is to purchase a blanket made by southwestern crafters.

These often have all the colors and patterns of the serape, or you could actually purchase a large serape for true southwestern accents for your bedding. After all, serapes were the bedding the people of the southwestern regions used in the olden days!

Sheets in southwestern designs mixing a variety of colors can be obtained in most bedding shops today. Online sources provide even more choices for the southwestern enthusiast. Dress your bed in southwestern materials and add an “animal skin” rug (not from a real animal, of course), and your southwestern look is complete.

A thunderbird design blanket is another great southwestern choice for bedding. Patterns along the Native American traditional lines can be easily located either locally or online. The sunburst is another southwestern design that is often seen in bedding.

Thomasville provides a famous line of southwestern designs for bedding that includes choices such as Falling Star, Tahoe and Printed Desert. Southwestern Quilts designs provide bedding choices such as Kokopelli, based on traditional American Indian designs.

Dakotah bed linen from Montana and Zuni Mountain are gorgeous southwestern designs.

Vohann provides southwestern comforters with kokopelli designs such as Kokopelli II, featuring the mischievous dancer of the Zuni Indian tribe.

Lawrence Home Fashion’s Desert Flower bedding and Navajo bedding are both southwestern designs anyone would be proud to own. The list goes on and on.

Whether your select bedding in southwestern sets or simply a southwestern accent piece, be sure to purchase the best quality you can afford. The higher thread count sheets cost more, but they have a feel that less expensive bedding simply does not provide.

Better quality bedding also lasts much longer, whether southwestern in design or not. Buy the very best you can afford and you will not be sorry. Also, remember to read and follow exactly the care instructions on your southwestern bedding.

Those labels are there for a reason: so you will not ruin your bedding investment! If you select bed linen in southwestern sets, you can be certain every piece matches perfectly. But sometimes it is more fun to mix and match. You can mix solid sheets with bedding touches such as blankets or pillowcases with the southwestern touch to make a statement.

Or, choose bright, bright patterns for southwestern sheets and pillowcases and mix with a solid comforter. For those who want the southwestern touch, but not too much of it, this mix of bedding can provide the perfect solution.