Some Ideas For Boys Bedroom Themes

Are you having problems piecing together the items in your boy’s bedroom? I thought that this piece might be able to jumpstart some ideas for you if you’re lost as to what your boy might enjoy as a cool bedroom theme. If your child is old enough to voice his opinion on the matter then why not let him decide within reason what sort of boys bedding theme he’d like to have in his bedroom…?

If he’s not quiet old enough yet then this info might be just what you need to get the creative juices flowing. Don’t be afraid to think like a kid and play.

And remember to add cool accessories when you’re done outfitting the bed and pillowcases, sheets and blankets with the theme you select.


When designing a child’s bedroom, it is advisable to start with a theme, and then address tall of the details of the décor, so they fit with the theme you selected. Here are some different themes that can help you to choose the perfect one for your boy’s bedroom:

1. Pirates of the bedroom. Include netting, ocean themes, portholes, and treasure chests.

2. Save the rainforest. Use stuffed birds to improve the décor. Include jungle or animal prints to make attractive pillows. Use a small jungle rug. Put up a jungle wallpaper border.

3. Going on a safari. Try using animal wallpaper and wallpaper borders. Use stuffed tigers and lions on the chairs and bed. Find leopard-print fabrics for pillows. Mount binoculars, a straw hat, or a butterfly net up on the walls.

4. Goodnight, young knight. Create murals that include castle walls or an ancient story about knights.

5. Gentlemen, start your toy engines. Include some posters and large framed photos of race cars. Find a small rug that resembles a race track. Install thin shelving to show off collections of toy cars. You can even use a car bunk bed!

6. T-Rex in a bedroom. Use the theme through bedding, posters, and wallpaper borders.

7. Cabin fever. Kids love camping, and you can recreate that experience in your boy’s bedroom. Use wallpaper borders and wallpaper with fishes, bears, and moose. Use flannel and plaid patterns throughout the room. Store your boy’s toys in a strong trunk.

8. A bedroom out of this world. Put up outer space wallpaper borders. Paint stars or planets that reflect, onto the ceiling. Use outer space bedding on your boy’s safe and fun bunk bed.

9. Be a sport. Use a bunk bed headboard made of bats. Paint the room with the colors of your boy’s favorite sports team. Use furniture, such as bunk beds, with sports themes.

10. Playtime in the playhouse. Include a mural with storefronts that include the names of family members (i.e. Vicky’s Video Den, Peter’s Puppet Theater, etc.). You could also include a playtime toy chest to store all of your boy’s toys.

11. Point A to Point B. Wallpaper, fabrics and bedding can be used for transportation themes. Hang airplanes from the ceiling or use a wallpaper border around the room’s perimeter.

12. Bugs and bears. Animals are not only educational for children, but they are interesting too. From beddings to lamps, and from stuffed animals to photos of your boy with Spot or Tiger, choose décor that displays your son’s favorite critter or creature.

13. What a character! Add lamps, bedding, etc. that include your child’s favorite cartoon or movie character.